Support the Mission : Great Human Capital

– To help & support holistic development of children.

 – To promote vocational & technical education.

– To promote creativity & innovation for human advancement with co-creation of effective knowledge.

– To practice Mediation & Yoga for human Integration.

– To spread ancient spiritual wisdom for harmonious development of human being.

Kindly share & link it to your friends & your organisation for wellbeing of all. 

Team ,Great Human Capital 

  Ajay Singh Niranjan, BTech IIT Roorkee

Email :  ajay_uor (at) yahoo (dot) com

Add: 551, 2nd Floor, Mukherji Nagar, Delhi -110009


15 Responses to “Support the Mission : Great Human Capital”

  1. A Journey to Yoga-meditation: A balance path (a win-win solution) « Great Human Capital Says:

    […] Support the Mission:Great Human Capital  […]

  2. ajayniranjan Says:


    Dr.Venugopal Rao Says:

    Dear Ajay!
    Very excellent presentation indeed.Precised yet powerful enough in touching and enlighteninig.Very core concept of yoga-meditation is revealed in a very inspiring way.Opening the doors of reality.I whole heartedly appreciate you.Certainly share this information with every body around me.

  3. ajayniranjan Says:


    Yogi Scott Says:

    Thanks for this great in-depth article about Yoga and meditation. It taught me some things that I didn’t know. You belong on the Yoga Forums.

  4. ajayniranjan Says:


    Jagdish Says:

    Hi Ajay,

    Excellent presentation. I have started practicing meditation. After reading your article i have known a lot more about meditation & yoga. I am also sharing the same with my friends so that they can know more about yoga and live longer and much important stay healthy.


  5. ajayniranjan Says:


    vibha Says:

    Wonderful and enlightening souls, source of inspiration. Keep it Up by sending it to all of us and Enriching our lives.

  6. ajayniranjan Says:


    Vartika Says:

    great one.thanks for giving the valuable collection

  7. ajayniranjan Says:

    Ramakrishnan j Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 1:15 am e

    your link has enlightened me on being cared for others makes one to do beautiful things for the world we can be very happy in the world.

  8. ajayniranjan Says:


    Prashant Iyer Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 10:54 am e

    Dear Ajay,

    You are doing a excellent job and i must say each and every article has lot of learning and we all are really enjoying it.

    Keep up your good work
    Prashant Iyer

  9. ajayniranjan Says:


    Pradeep Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 9:12 am e

    Good work….
    I have read ur complete link of this article.
    Even i have a very good collection on mediation, n state of mind.

  10. ajayniranjan Says:


    susan Says:
    February 16th, 2007 at 3:24 pm e

    I love your website. I am a firm believer that we create our own destiny as well. I am fairly new to blogging and wondering if you wouldn’t mind linking to each other to assist each other with more website traffic and exposure. You can check out my blog at

    Thanks for the information.

  11. S.K.Dogra Says:

    Dear Ajay,
    This is an excellent blog bringing together a lot of good material. I am sure to be one of your regular visits from now onwards.


  12. priya Says:

    excellent post dear ajay .i congratulate you

  13. Geetha.S Says:

    Wonderful,Excellent and awesome

  14. Vivek pathak Says:

    Doing a good job.

  15. maruthi Says:


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