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  1. Alex McAllister Says:

    I have been working on a concept for the last 5 years called “Ethical Capitalism”. It began while helping my niece do her capstone project for her Bachelors Degree. The problem I have been wrestling with is how to provide socialist support in a capitalistic society. The Bill Moyers PBS special on Jonathan Kozol’s Savage Inequalities motivated me to re-visit the question.

    Many American’s view Socialism as a philosophy that is anti-motivational and promulgates failed economic policy. They also feel that government, in general, wastes tremendous amounts of money and fails as stewards of tax revenues.

    I am thinking that there may be a market driven method for funding social programs and I would like to get your thoughts. If this is successful I believe it could lower the burden on taxpayers since many needy organizations would be able to lower the budget requirements that are funded by taxes (I am thinking specifically about schools). Even if it didn’t lower taxes it should allow redirection of government spending, such as, roads.

    Here are some of my ideas:

    • Create a non-profit organization to collect funds from businesses and disperse funds to social programs or entities. Although organizations like this exist, they seek funding from individuals. This new organization would seek funding from corporations and their share holders.
    • The focus of the organization would be strictly pragmatic, that is, responding to concrete needs, much like Habitat for Humanity (no pun intended). There would be no attempt to promulgate any philosophical or political point of view.
    • The organization would distribute “seals of approval” to businesses.
    • The seals would have a number in the center that indicated the percentage of
    profits that the company donated to the non-profit organization.
    • Contributors would have to pass an audit to have their number assigned.
    • The seals could be displayed on shop windows, Internet sites, brochures, etc.
    • Consumers could check the validity of the seal through the non-profit’s website or telephone number.
    • Consumers could then decide to support companies based on their support of
    social program funding.
    • The non-profit would conduct advertising campaigns educating people about the program and promoting consumer support of participating businesses.
    • Social organizations that support various efforts (schools, teenage mothers,
    homeless, etc.) would apply for specific projects (i.e., a gymnasium, personnel, computers, etc.) and the non-profit organization would provide the funding directly to the contractors. That way there would be concrete measure of how the money was spent and no discretion by the applicant on how the money was spent..
    • There would be criteria for award:
    – Demonstrable need
    – Social impact
    – Applicant’s program is aligned and supported by expert research as to its efficacy.
    – Applicant’s program has a successful track-record.
    – Innovation would have to have strong argument.
    – Community input.
    • The non-profit could have committees for each area (schools, social programs) made up of social activists, consumers and business people.
    • Contracts could be awarded to local businesses to try and keep the money in the community.

    Ideas on how to get started:

    • Network the idea to social activists that have connections to philanthropic business executives.
    • Build a core group of influential people to build support for the program.
    • Create a Board of Directors to oversee and provide direction to build the organization
    • Acquire startup investment money. The money would be used to hire a marketing director and sales people to approach businesses for sign-up. The sales people would try to sell the argument that the program is good for business.
    • .Have a credible author write a book explaining the idea and its possibilities.

  2. Alesha Norris Says:

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  3. Rajesh Says:

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  4. Pravin solanki Says:


  5. Pravin solanki Says:

    My dear brother and sister

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