IITians for ITI- Technical Training

IMAGINE THE DAY when 700,000 ITI technicians graduating from 5000 ITIs can manufacture products that are absolutely the BEST IN THE WORLD

India will come to her full glory with excellence in technical training and improved skill levels of technicians and machinists.

How can IITians make this possible?

By harnessing their innate creativity and indomitable collective energy to revitalize ITIs

Let us all join the program to make it happen.

Click here to signup for future program activities.

Web : http://iitiansforiti.cfsites.org/


6 Responses to “IITians for ITI- Technical Training”

  1. Anil Kumar Bansal Says:

    I’m fully convinced that India will be a different country when its technicians become the world best.That can happen by complete overhaul of existing model of ITI’S of our country.I go further to suggest that there is urgent need to revitalize our diploma colleges and degree Engineering colleges . A close association of these institutions with Industry and research institutions is a must.Without that we will remain helpless spectators to much smaller countries marching ahead of us.

  2. RAJIV BHOLE Says:

    IITans know they can do it. The problem lies in getting our hearts into it. Profound thoughts need yielding hearts.

  3. P.K. Mishra Says:

    I am fully convinced with this vision as I have seen by inyeracting this less privileged lot oh technical human resource of the country. they have lot of interest and capability but they need traing and exposure to refine them and inturn contribute in lot better way to make this Nation a better place to livein.

  4. Tony Setiabudhi Says:

    Is there any publications/ information regarding to Javanese-Hinduism. Let me get the possibilty to get in touch with some expetize in this field.

  5. Tony Setiabudhi Says:

    Is there any staff(s) of yours perhaps have any data on OLDER PERSONS’ Activitieson IT ?
    Please contact me that I can maximize the persons to maximize their contribution for our community !
    TQ and GBU !

  6. Tony Setiabudhi Says:

    Please send me lnformation regarding to Hinduism and older persons

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