i Watch – Education First – Transforming India

Dear Friends,  

I am happy to share that the book of i watch: Transforming India” 2007 edition has been formulated  in a very concrete, simple and concise manner by a team of intellectuals through extensive research work in these focused areas .This book is available in 13 indian languages.  

Focus of ” i watch -Transforming India”:  

Human Resource , Education & Training: Holistic human development , education matrix of India, primary education & 100% functional literacy , Vocational education & training-the real winner for India, Advantage of enterprise skill development  & vocational education.

Employment Generation: HRD-Employment & Unemployment, Employment matrix of India, Employment generation thru’ VET, Employment generation through SME’s, Employemnt Generation implementation of VET.   

Economy & Enterprise: The real & virtual India, Poverty line & related data, How to plans for world markets? A chek list, Definition of Small medium enterprise, India must become an international Hub, Important of SMEs. China-India comparison chart, catch me if you can, comparision with selected countries.

Governance & Administration: the India you may not know, Transforming India: Agenda for change, Economic & business reform, Governance & administration of India, Good governance can transfer India into a superpower, Good governance + Effective administration = Zero corruption, World class governance-why & how India must do it.                      

 Edited, Published and Printed for i Watch by Krishan Khanna.   

Kindly contact me for complete information & details of i watch-Transformaing India book (64 pages). 

Ajay Singh Niranajan, BTech, IIT Roorkee

Team Member,  i Watch – Education 1st , www.wakeupcall.org


Edited, Published and Printed for i Watch by Krishan Khanna. He is from IIT, Kharagpur. Between 1961 to 1992, he was responsible for 14 joint ventures and business partnerships with 14 different countries around the world. In 1993 he took ‘Sanyas’ from business for Nation Building and Transforming INDIA.  Krishan Khanna is Chairman – Vocational Education & Training Committee – EPSI, Educational Promotion Society of India, New Delhi. Co-Chairman – Committee on Education & Industry Co-operation, – PHDCC&I, New Delhi, Member – CII National Committee on Higher & Technical Education, New Delhi, Director – Vocational Services, Rotary International, Rotary District 3140, Bombay Mid Town, Bombay, Member Planning Commission Committee on Secondary Education & Vocational Education, New delhi and Advisor – Vocational Education & Training, Times Foundation, New Delhi. The views and opinions expressed are Krishan Khanna’s personal views and some points may not be accepted by the Planning Commission, Times Foundation, CII, EPSI, PHDCC&I and the Rotary International.


6 Responses to “i Watch – Education First – Transforming India”


    i am vary surprise to see the DATA of all thing regarding Development as a youth of INDIA i want to be part of your Thoughts.as a youth i am feeling that we should make a strong plan for the nation but before that we have to mobelize all the youth so SIR if you have some good idea than please mail me .

  2. Hari Dang, Padma Shri Says:

    Dear Krishan Khanna and all your colelagues and friends :

    I wish I had recognised you earlier. Wasted years !
    Anyway, never too late. Let us get together and move faster. Yes, of course, do send me the 64 pp book.

    More important, join me for breakfast, lunch, tea or whatever, at the RBYC was wherever…I am occasionally in Bombay for the work on The Equity Education Centres with the help of my Old Students !


    Hari Dang

  3. Hari Dang, Padma Shri Says:

    Lets meet soon. Too much time already wasted because I did not identify you and your work earlier. Regards, Hari Dang

  4. shyammohan Says:

    dear great friends,
    please visit us our website. http://www.indianink.org
    cartoons for social change is our moto..
    pl give me your feed back

  5. LIMEWIRE Says:

    Hi boys!b0fa6f9a080bb05cb686d546083f94bc

  6. sanat Says:

    i m proud to be the part of india

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