Holistic Stress Management Workshops

 by Swami Atmananda Saraswati

Friends! Stress is one of the most prevalent as well as devastating problem of modern times. It is taking the form of an epidemic, says the Time magazine, and is permeating all possible spheres of our life.

Vedanta Heritage Foundation presents to you a unique Stress Management Workshop package, which not only provides deep insights into the problem, but also offers holistic approach to handle it. The most important difference is the revelation of the spiritual dimension of the problem, and the incorporation of the principles of Bhagwad Gita to handle it. This package has been designed by the founder of VHF, Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji, the well known scholar of Bhagwad Gita. We call this package the Holistic Stress Management Package.

On this Index Page we present a bird’s eye view of the contents & sections of this package, along with the links of these pages. Click on the title to see the page:

Kindly Link at: http://www.vmission.org/vhf/smw/ 


1. Five Noble Truths of Stress

The five important Truths about Stress which you should certainly know. This awareness itself will eliminate lot of misunderstandings about stress.


2. The Fight & Flight Syndrome

It is important to understand any problem in order to eliminate it. So here we present in brief the biological mechanism which we go through before this problem surfaces.


3. Stress Induced Illnesses You will be surprised to know that stress is behind a large number of our diseases & ailments. Not knowing the real culprit we keep on turning our attention on other things. Enter to see in what all ways stress hurts or can hurt you.


4. Symptoms of Stress Stress manifests in different ways at various levels of our personality & life. If we can identify the symptoms early then handling the problem will be much easy. Enter this section to read the symptoms of stress at our physical, psychological &  behavioral levels.


5. Stages of Stress The problems of stress various psycho-somatic diseases or burn-outs are not sudden, but develop slowly. A definite process & stages have been identified. Please read herein about the three stages of stress before its irreversible consequences begin.


6. Three Types of People Some people appear to be more susceptible to the problem of stress as compared to others. We take the help of the wisdom of Gita to understand the three broad categories of people. Know your type through a small self-test offered herein.

7. Managing Stress – the Holistic way This package has been designed incorporating the best of east & west. We deal with the subject under ten points divided into three categories. The First-Aid, the Capacity Building, and the Rooting out of the Problem.


8. Photos & Feedback See a workshop in action, and also read the remarks about the workshop by various delegates who attended our workshops in few industrial plants near Mumbai.


9. Counseling You can write your personal problems to us, which we will forward to Poojya Guruji for his personal guidance & tips. Your privacy will be maintained.

 Contact at: http://www.vmission.org/vhf/feedback.htm


 For More information , Please write me .

Ajay Singh Niranjan , BTech IIT Roorkee

Email :  ajay_uor (at) yahoo (dot) com


4 Responses to “Holistic Stress Management Workshops”

  1. Ariel Adams Says:

    I am in a stressful school. I also suffer from bipolar disorder. I am worried that the stress will trigger my symptoms, but I also love my school. How should I handle this extremly sensative situation?

  2. Mansoor Ahamd Darwish Says:

    I would like to join one your short term worksohp, how shall I get to know its procedure? Thanks !

  3. rudra Says:

    Interested to enhance knowledge.Will be highly obliged.

  4. teamactivities Says:

    Thanks in support of sharing such a pleasant idea, post is good, thats why i have read
    it fully

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