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[Vedio]- Divine vibration -TAT TWAM ASI: YOU= True being, Pure consciousness & Bliss.

April 4, 2007

O supreme Lord!

Thou art ever existence, ever conscious, ever blissful.

We mediate on thy most adorable glory,

May thou guide and inspire our intellectual,

On the path of highest divinity!

May we be able to desciminate between truth & falsehood ?

Om peace, peace, peace!

Kindly visit this beautiful & blissful video at : Golden Age With Divine Vibration

Que: what is the beauty of sanskrit language. Welcome your experience …….share ….

 Source : Antaryamin · The insider who is hidden

~Ajay Kr.Singh Niranjan : A Journey to Yoga-meditation: A balance path (a win-win solution)


[Video] Vipassana: the Ancient Meditation Technique of India

March 30, 2007

Vipassana is one of the India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. 2500 years ago it was rediscovered by Buddha and taught by him as a universal remedy for universal ills.At first the technique flourishes in India but gradually it become corrupted, lost its efficacy and disappeared from the land of its origin. Fortunately the neighborhood country of Burma preserved the original form of vipassana through the millennium. Since 1969 it has been reintroduced into India, where it is now striking deep roots. 

Vipassana is a simple and practical method of mental purification, which makes it possible to face the tensions and turbulations of daily life in a calm and balanced way. This path of self-development through self-awareness is extraordinary in its simplicity, its Lack of dogma and, above all, its results.

VIPASSANA MEDITATION for Students, Children, Adults 

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An excerpts of an interview with S.N. Goenka 

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I am greatful to Mr. Vikas Nagpal for sharing these nice video on Vipassana meditation .

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