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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

February 16, 2007

 – Reviewed by Alistair Schofield 

1. The first dysfunction is absence of trust amongst team members.  If team members are not genuinely open with each other about their mistakes and weaknesses, it is impossible to build a foundation of trust.

2. Absence of trust creates the circumstance for the second dysfunction, fear of conflict.  Teams that lack trust are incapable of fully and honestly debating issues as they resort to veiled discussions and guarded comments.

 3.The inability to openly discuss issues leads to a lack of commitment.  If team members are unable to fully air their views, it is unlikely that they will be fully committed to the decisions of the group.

 4. If team members are not fully bought into the decisions of the group, they will inevitably avoid accountability.  How can they stand up and be counted on issues if they were not completely committed to them in the first place?

5. Failure to hold one another accountable creates an environment where the fifth dysfunction can thrive.  Inattention to results occurs when team members put their individual needs (such as ego, career, recognition or reward) or even their division above the collective needs of the team.

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