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India_Developmental Disabilities Group- Our Children Can Do it!

March 16, 2007

Dear friends,  This is a background of a beautiful yahoo group which is helping and supporting for development of special children. When you feel that you have sound intelligence, skill & talent, you can simply understanding that it is a special gift to you from universal power. So you can share your gift to others who is waiting for it. Kindly visit …~ Ajay Singh Niranjan  

India_DevelopmentalDisabilities – Our Children Can Do it!

Special needs or developmental disabilities include Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Seizures, Speech delays, Vision Impairment, Developmental Delays, Spina Bifilda, ADD, ADHD, Metabolic and Genetic disorders.

This is a forum for parents, professionals in discussing the practical every day challenges of raising a child with different special needs. We also discuss traditional and alternative therapies available out in India and abroad and on latest research and cutting edge technology for developmental disabilities.. Info shared is not medical advice.
This is a very friendly and supportive group. The group members are parents and professionals from India and from abroad. We expect members respect each other and flaming is strictly prohibited.. Then join this group we can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in our children’s life.