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Independence day – A message of freedom – My poetic tribute

August 15, 2007
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 19:33:57 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Re: Independence day ? A message of freedom ? My poetic tribute
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Dear Ajay,
Thanks for your mail.
My best wishes to you.
Wishes from Dr. A. P. J. Kalam

                                                 Happy Independece Day

My Little Poem  –  Independence day – A message of freedom – My poetic tribute

 Today is a great day. Sacrifice of our passionate Indian became successful at this day for freedom of our loving mother India. We can sense true feeling of independence in our hearts and souls. Mission of the life of that great warrior fulfilled at 15 august 1947 .But vision is still continuing for moving India toward developed nation and making our world a better place for living of every one.We have acquired broad vision from our Spiritual scientist , which is:

May all be Happy
May all free form disease
May all realize what is good
May none be subject to misery

Our glorious family is continuously trying to transcend our dream through integration of our minds, hearts and souls. So that we can co-create our invaluable knowledge and experience for channelize our infinite capability and energy in a synergic way for creation of more happiness in everyone’s life.

Dedicate to our loving Mother India
Dedicate to our great freedom fighters

Independence Day – A message of freedom – My poetic tribute
Independence Days (15 August)

Remember that day
All sacrifice of our freedom fighter became meaningful.
All righteous actions achieved successful resonance.
All True efforts of everyone fulfilled for independence.
All missions of great leaders accomplished for winning.
Remember that day

An energetic radiation was spreading on our bodies.
A true vision of leaders was circulating in our brains.
Rays of happiness were pouring in our hearts.
Blesses of those warriors were transmitting in our soul.

Stabilize this day
Recharging our minds, hearts and souls.
Redefining mission of our invaluable life
Harmonizing our thinking pattern of brains
Integrating our all thoughts, actions and deeds
But journey is continue
Our true vision is still motivating us
For Transforming our vision on real world platform
Supporting to emotional matrix in our family
Erasing all type of sorrows from the world
Establishing prosperity in our loving family
Expanding waves of true love in the world
Spreading rays of happiness in the universe
With best wishes ~  Ajay K Singh Niranjan
Jai Hind …. Jai Mother India ……
Jai Indian …… Jai Humanity


Universal prayer : May the divine protect us both The teacher & student

March 16, 2007

May the divine protect us both the teacher & student

May he nourish us both

My we work with great energy

May our study be vigorous and fruitful

May we never oppose one another?

Peace, peace, peace.

Universal Prayer – May we be able to desciminate between truth & falsehood.

March 13, 2007

O supreme Lord!

Thou art ever existence, ever conscious, ever blissful.

We mediate on thy most adorable glory,

May thou guide and inspire our intellectual,

On the path of highest divinity!

May we be able to desciminate between truth & falsehood ?

Om peace, peace, peace!

—-||||||Effective Quotations by Great Thinker||||||——-  

Gearge Bernard Shaw:::Mahatma Gandhi ::: Swami Vivekananda

Peter F. Drucker :::Warren Bennis ::: Jack Welch


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Holistic Development – [ Integrate : SQ + EQ + IQ + PQ = True Knowledge]

March 4, 2007

Holistic Development – [ Integrate: SQ + EQ + IQ + PQ = True Knowledge ]

  A beautiful insight about PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ by Prof. Stephan R. Covey

Physical Intelligence: Wise nutrition, Consistence balance exercises Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventing. 

 Mental intelligent: Continuous, systematic, disciplined study and education Cultivation of self awareness, learning by teaching and doing. 

Emotional intelligent: Self awareness, Personal motivation, Self regulation, Empathy, Social skill.

Spiritual Intelligence: Integrity ( Character building ) ,Meaning ( Purpose of life ),Voice( Self Enlightenment and motivate to other )  .

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~© Ajay Singh Niranjan

Vedanta: the Ultimate Wisdom – Our True Nature is Divine

February 28, 2007

“Physicists do not need mysticism, and Mystics do not need Physics, but humanity needs both.” – Fritjof Capra

Vedanta: the Ultimate Wisdom – Our True Nature is Divine

Vedanta is one of the world’s most ancient religious philosophies and one of its broadest. Based on the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of
India, Vedanta affirms the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of religions. Vedanta is the philosophical foundation of Hinduism; but while Hinduism includes aspects of Indian culture, Vedanta is universal in its application and is equally relevant to all countries, all cultures, and all religious backgrounds.

A closer look at the word “Vedanta” is revealing: “Vedanta” is a combination of two words: “Veda” which means “knowledge” and “anta” which means “the end of” or “the goal of.” In this context the goal of knowledge isn’t intellectual—the limited knowledge we acquire by reading books. “Knowledge” here means the knowledge of God as well as the knowledge of our own divine nature. Vedanta, then, is the search for Self-knowledge as well as the search for God.

What do we mean when we say God? According to Vedanta, God is infinite existence, infinite consciousness, and infinite bliss. The term for this impersonal, transcendent reality is Brahman, the divine ground of being. Yet Vedanta also maintains that God can be personal as well, assuming human form in every age.

Most importantly, God dwells within our own hearts as the divine Self or Atman. The Atman is never born nor will it ever die. Neither stained by our failings nor affected by the fluctuations of the body or mind, the Atman is not subject to our grief or despair or disease or ignorance. Pure, perfect, free from limitations, the Atman, Vedanta declares, is one with Brahman. The greatest temple of God lies within the human heart.

Vedanta further asserts that the goal of human life is to realize and manifest our divinity. Not only is this possible, it is inevitable. Our real nature is divine; God-realization is our birthright. Sooner or later, we will all manifest our divinity—either in this or in future lives—for the greatest truth of our existence is our own divine nature.

Finally, Vedanta affirms that all religions teach the same basic truths about God, the world, and our relationship to one another. Thousands of years ago the Rig Veda declared: “Truth is one, sages call it by various names.” The world’s religions offer varying approaches to God, each one true and valid, each religion offering the world a unique and irreplaceable path to God-realization. The conflicting messages we find among religions are due more to doctrine and dogma than to the reality of spiritual experience. While dissimilarities exist in the external observances of the world religions, the internals bear remarkable similarities.And more ……


All ethics are merely a means to the end of finding God within ourselves.

“Right” action is action which brings us nearer to the knowledge of God. “Wrong” action leads us away from that knowledge.

Our ideas of “good” and “evil” are therefore only relative values and must not be used as an absolute standard by which we judge others. Each of us has our own problems and our own of development. But the goal is the same for all. and more …..


By Swami Vivekananda

(Delivered at Lahore on 12th November, 1897)

Two worlds there are in which we live, one the external, the other internal. Human progress has been made, from days of yore, almost in parallel lines along both these worlds. The search began in the external, and man at first wanted to get answers for all the deep problems from outside nature. Man wanted to satisfy his thirst for the beautiful and the sublime from all that surrounded him; he wanted to express himself and all that was within him in the language of the concrete; and grand indeed were the answers he got, most marvellous ideas of God and worship, and most rapturous expressions of the beautiful. Sublime ideas came from the external world indeed.

“What is that knowing which we know everything else?” In modern language, the theme of the Upanishads is to find an ultimate unity of things. Knowledge is nothing but finding unity in the midst of diversity.

Every science is based upon this; all human knowledge is based upon the finding of unity in the midst of diversity; and if it is the task of small fragments of human knowledge, which we call our sciences, to find unity in the midst of a few different phenomena, the task becomes stupendous when the theme before us is to find unity in the midst of this marvellously diversified universe, where prevail unnumbered differences in name and form, in matter and spirit — each thought differing from every other thought, each form differing from every other form. Yet, to harmonise these many planes and unending Lokas, in the midst of this infinite variety to find unity, is the theme of the Upanishads.

One step further, and we find the same teacher teaching that this God is not outside of nature, but immanent in nature. And at last both ideas are discarded, and whatever is real is He; there is no difference. “Shvetaketu, That thou art.” That Immanent One is at last declared to be the same that is in the human soul. Here is no Compromise; here is no fear of others’ opinions. Truth, bold truth, has been taught in bold language, and we need not fear to preach the truth in the same bold language today, and, by the grace of God, I hope at least to be one who dares to be that bold preacher. And more ………





-Ajay Singh Niranjan

“ this life is yours which you are living is not merely a piece of existence , but in certain sense the “whole”…this , as we know , is what the Brahmins express I that sacred mystic formula which is yet so simple , so clear. TAT TWAM ASI. This is you or again in such words as “I am in east, I am in the west, I am below and the above. I AM THIS WHOLE WORLD”- Erwin Schrödinger :an Austrian physicist who achieved fame for his contributions to quantum mechanics, especially the Schrödinger equation, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1933.


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~Ajay Singh Niranjan ~

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

February 21, 2007

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;

Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led by thee into ever widening thought and action-Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake”

            – Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore “Gitanjali”, verse XXXV.

The Seven Fundamental Guiding Laws

February 15, 2007

 by Lorenzo P.

I’d like to introduce seven fundamental guiding principles, or laws, as one possible way to live, think and operate in a manner compatible with the laws that govern the universe.

If you research the subject as I did, you’ll find that these principles are part of many schools of thought. You’ll find them expressed in different forms and with different words, but regardless of the details, they all speak of the same universal concepts.

I strongly believe these guiding laws to be a wonderful tool that can guide through life, and give answers when you don’t know what to do in a particular situation. They can be applied to everything, and they always give great insights and clear direction toward a conscious, aware, fulfilling and abundant life.

The seven laws are:

Law of Attraction (LoA): Thoughts Manifest Reality
Law of Energy (LoE): Attention Directs Energy.
Law of Power (LoP): All Power Originates Within
Law of Freedom (LoF): Anything is Possible.
Law of Now (LoN): Now Is The Only Time You Can Do Anything.
Law of Love (LoL): Love Is Happiness
Law of Truth (LoT): Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”
– Buddha (563 BC – 483 BC)

                          Law of Attraction (LoA)

Thoughts Manifest RealityThe Law of Attraction reminds us that we are the co-creators of the universe, in control of what happens in our life. It reminds us to focus our thoughts to what we desire and to our goals. It also reminds us to believe that if we do so, our desires will manifest.
The most important and practical aspect of this law is that positive thoughts attract positive people and events, while negative thoughts attract negative people and events.

The Law of Attraction is always working, no matter what you do and no matter if you believe in it or not. However, to consciously use the Law of Attraction you just need to follow tree simple steps:
1) Ask: Formulate your desires.
2) Believe: Trust and feel that you will receive what you asked for.
3) Receive: Accept what you asked for once you start receiving it.

This is the cornerstone of all the other laws and principles. It is also at the foundation of all shamanic practices in modern and ancient days and it has been applied and understood by the most famous people that ever dwelled on the planet. Once you internalize the meaning of this law, you’ll see evidence of it at the root of all the great things that humanity has done.

“Energy flows where attention goes”
~~Serge Kahili King

                              Law of Energy (LoE)
Attention Directs Energy
The Law of Energy reminds us how reality is created by the application of conscious attention. When we focus our conscious attention toward a specific goal, energy flows toward the manifestation of that goal.

To visualize this concept, imagine taking a magnifying glass and focusing sunlight toward a single focal point. The magnifying glass is our conscious, which focuses attention toward a specific spot. The sunlight is the energy that flows toward that specific point as a consequence of focusing. The powerful heating at the focal point of the magnifying glass represents the powerful manifestation of reality that is direct consequence of the conscious focusing of the energy flow.

“All power is from within and is therefore under our control”
~~ Robert Collier (1885-1950)

                                Law of Power (LoP)
All Power Originates Within
This law reminds us that the power is inside us, and is not coming from somewhere “out there”. We are part of the universe, co-creators with it, and the power of the universe is part of us. It is there at our disposal, shared with everybody else’s, but always ready to be used thanks to its illimited abundance.

This law also tells us to be confident, since all power originates within us. It is very important to utilize the power we are given with authority, in order to fulfill our goals and manifest the reality we desire, and assume an active role of co-creators, for the betterment of the world.

“Whether you think you can or can’t either way you are right.”
~~ Henry Ford (1863-1947)

                                Law of Freedom (LoF)
Anything is Possible
The Law of Freedom reminds us that anything is possible, and that any limit is simply self-imposed. This can be seen as a direct consequence of the Law of Attraction; in fact, since Thoughts Manifest Reality, and since imagination is limitless, there are no limits in what can be done.

This law tells us to become and stay free, and to not limit ourselves to a confined world formed by self-imposed limiting beliefs. Reality is limited only by imagination, and by the boundaries of our ability to imagine what possibilities exist. If something can be imagined, then it can be achieved. The Law of Freedom tells us to imagine what we want to achieve, without limitations.

To visualize this concept imagine a fishbowl underwater in the middle of the ocean. Imagine that the fishbowl has a fish swimming inside it. The fishbowl is opened at the top. The fish has the ability to swim out anytime it wants; it can see the immense abundance of the ocean through the transparent walls of the fishbowl, but it cannot reach it unless it consciously swims out of the opening. The opening to a limitless space is there. The only thing that the fish needs to do is to consciously decide to have no limits, and adventure in the ocean.

“In rivers, the water you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; So with time present.” –
~~ Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

                                Law of Now (LoN)
Now Is the Only Time You Can Do Anything
This law reminds us that the past is a memory, while the future is a plan, and that the only moment in which you can focus conscious attention is now. Since reality is manifested by our thoughts focusing energy toward a goal, and since that focus can happen only in the present moment, the present moment is the true moment of power and awareness.

To visualize this concept, imagine a laser beam burning words on a wooden surface. The laser beam is the active writing instrument. At any given moment in time it has the power of burning a small spot of the surface of the wood. The inscription is the memory of that beam that passed across the surface in a series of consecutive moments. There is no “action” or active creative force in the inscription itself. All the creative force is in the laser beam in that one single focal point, burning the inscription forever.

In this analogy the beam is the energy that our attention focuses. The inscription burned in the wood is the memory left by the focusing of attention. That memory represents the complete message, but is not an active creator of the message itself. It is information frozen in time like light in a photo.

The only active force is the laser beam in the exact moment in which it burns the wood. That moment is now. In the present moment we shape our memories, write our words, and generate the message that we are sending to the super-conscious for manifestation.

“To love is to be happy with”
~~Serge Kahili King

                                    Law of Love (LoL)
Love Is Happiness
This law reminds us that love brings happiness, and happiness brings love, making happiness and love one and the same. Love in this context is universal, and not limited to any of its specific incarnations.

While there is not a definition of happiness that applies to everybody, love and happiness in the RealitySeeds working model are always intimately related. In fact, loving something means being happy with it; conversely, being happy with something means loving it.

The LoL tells us that:
– To find true happiness we need to set our goal toward something that we love (or its manifestation won’t bring the happiness we seek).
– Since loving something is a conscious choice, and since love and happiness are one and the same, to be happy is also a conscious choice.
– When you are unhappy, you are simply lacking of love in your life.

Learning how to access a continuity of common sense can be one of your most efficient accomplishments… Can you imagine “common sense” surpassing science and technology in the quest to unravel the human stress mess? In time, society will have a new measure for confirming truth. It’s inside the people—not at the mercy of current scientific methodology. Let scientists facilitate discovery, but not invent your inner truth.
~~ Doc Childre

                            Law of Truth (LoT)
Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth
This law reminds you to accept what works for you, and to reject what doesn’t work for you. It also reminds us that there is always another way to do something; you can stop seeking, if so you desire, when you found the way that seems effective to you.

There are many ways to live life. Some may be effective for somebody, but not for you. Since you are the creator of your reality, what counts is what works for you. This law tells us to use the means to determine the ends you desire; results to determine if something should be accepted or rejected.

You already do this unconsciously in many situations.

An example: if somebody told you that a particular book is great, but when you read it you find it boring, than you would probably label it as such, and you’d stop reading it no matter what you were told.

Another example: you accept that electricity exists, and you use it at your advantage, even if you have no clear idea of how it works. When you turn on the lights, you use the effects of electricity even if you don’t really know what electricity really is (in fact, nobody truly knows).

The same thing should be applied for anything else.

Source : byLorenzo P.


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~Ajay Singh Niranjan ~

Conversation between a Divine CHILD and A friend- My Poetic Insight

February 7, 2007

Every child is very near to mother, father, nature and god. Every child is very unique and creative. Every child is an emphatic listener and true learner. His mind is very pure and intuitive.  He expands mind seamlessly in all areas so they are inborn innovator. His every action creates new form of art. His every posture directs a unique form of dance. His Sweet sounds develop a nice musical harmony. His graceful appearance spread divine energies and opulence in the universe so that waves of happiness and true love can stabilize everywhere in the world.

Dedicated to all children of our universal family. I believe that the divine wisdom of children can reengineer and redefine the vision of Humanity towards love, happiness and purposeful life.

Conversation between a Divine CHILD and A friend- A Poetic Insight

Hi child! You are very near to mother, father, nature and god. Your graceful appearance spread divine knowledge everywhere in the world. What is the secret of your sound personality? Please explore your natural wisdom.

Hi friend! Good morning
Glimpse in my little eyes
You will achieve a divine image of god
See my smiling face
You will feel happiness of my mother
Look my whole personality
You will experience dynamism of my father.
Touch my rosy cheeks
You will sense true beauty of nature.

Hi child! You are looking a best manager. Your every action reflects unique management qualities. Just describe me-

O friend!
Watch my baby steps
Teach about continuous improvement
Listen my heart beats
Express about invaluable time
Observe my body movement
Showing about dynamism.

Hi child! Your habit of taking risk and positive mindset spread a true leadership skill. Just highlight your wisdom in this direction.

Hi friend!
I know very well
I am the Soul
I am fearless.

I follow the law of detachment
I walk with law of nature
I make own path every time
I have a habit of taking risk.

Every time I fall on the ground
I stand strongly and walk easily
It is all about positive mind-set
It is a part of learning process.

Hi child! You are very near to heart of god and your every quality glorifies divine nature. I think that you are a natural creator and innovator. Just portrays your invaluable ideas-

Hello friend!
Listen my innocent voice
It generates a perfect music
Watch my every posture
It originate artistic dance
Dissolve my every words and actions
in your heart and mind
It will create a nice innovation.

Hello child! You are always happy and your face always smiles and flows positive energy in the universe. Describe it clearly-

Hi friend!
I have no ego and jealousy
I smile frankly on every smile
I laugh heartily on every laugh
I think, it is all about
Purity of mind and heart
My every action share true love
My happiness create peace for humanity.
Conversation is continuing and child share their own experience about TRUE LOVE, which is actually driving force of life and creation of wealth & happiness and final journey of all human being.

O Friend!
Love is a first word of god
Love is an image of soul
Love is a prayer of god
Love is a vision of life.

Love is a patience of actions
Love is a passion of sacrifice
Love is a driving force of friendship spirit
Love is a symphony of sata Karma
Love is a spectrum of sacred thoughts
Love is an orchestra of divine qualities.

Finally I understood that every child is a natural teacher. Every child is born genius, creative and complete in all qualities. So I feel these lines when I observe child.

O Child! Good Morning
Our Divine Messenger
Our Natural Teacher
Our Real Motivator
Our Dynamic Manager

Just smile
it is our brain charger
Just laugh
it is our motivation
Just kiss
it is our happiness.

Just touch
it is our divinity
Just walk
it is our true journey
Just mediate
it is our yoga.

Just search
it is our innovation
Just think
it is our creation
Just love
it is our vision.

Warm regards & thanks..
Ajay Singh Niranjan

“You can accomplish anything in the life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit”. — Harry S. Truman


Holistic Development of Every Child


A beautiful insight about PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ by Prof. Stephan R. Covey

Physical Intelligence: Wise nutrition, Consistence balance exercises Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventing.

Mental intelligent: Continuous, systematic, disciplined study and education Cultivation of self awareness, learning by teaching and doing.

Emotional intelligent: Self awareness, Personal motivation, Self regulation, Empathy, Social skill.

Spiritual Intelligence: Integrity ( Character building ) ,Meaning ( Purpose of life ),Voice( Self Enlightenment and motivate to other )  .

Love & Light  Ajay Singh Niranjan  

New Year: A message of Change for spreading true knowledge, love and happiness

February 5, 2007

The message of New Year is CHANGE. Change spread seamlessly through responsibility and awareness towards all systems which is interconnected with us. At the nice occasion of New Year, every moment, trying to spread true knowledge, love and happiness for all human being, care to our mother nature, stabilize peace in the world and expand positive energy in the universe for wellbeing of all.

A message of change for spreading true knowledge, love and happiness

Celebrate coming year with new ideas for changing the all system for bliss.
Celebrate coming year with love to all living and non-living entities.
Celebrate coming with sharing true knowledge for everyone.
Celebrate coming year with caring to our loving mother nature.
Celebrate coming year for stabilizing more peace and happiness in the world.
Celebrate coming year for expansions of positive energy in the universe.

and move our glorious Global family >>>>>>>

where all types of minds, hearts and souls are converging
where science and technology are playing in the institutional ground
where winning management theories and righteous philosophy are singing
where all types of right thoughts , words ,and actions are exchanging.

where inventions and discoveries are dancing on the ground of technology
where creativity and innovation are generating in the world.
where every change and dynamism are walking with time.
where our all friends are sharing their invaluable ideas & a clear vision.
where spiritual and material life are evolving & balancing
where cosmic consciousness and cosmic mother are flowing their divine energy
where universal spirits and mother nature are circulating their eternal bless.
we all of us, praying to universal power
Stabilize our global family is a benchmark in the universe
Where true knowledge and eternal wisdom are diverging in the universe
where happiness and sacred love are extending in the society.

where emotional network and family balance are maintaining for everyone
where unquestionable thoughts and positive energy are expanding in the world
where eternal values, true vision and immortal culture are spreading for humanity.

Again, best wishes to you and your family and all friends for making new year more wealthy, healthy, joyful and purposeful.

-Ajay Singh Niranjan


A Visionary Teacher for Youth- My Hearty Prayer

February 3, 2007

A Visionary Teacher for Youth- My Hearty Prayer  

A well-structured life of a student stabilizes on three strong pillars of knowledgeable concretes that are reinforced by mother, father and teacher. A Visionary Teacher not only supports for designing the vehicle of his life with pure fuel (right virtues) and robust engine (steadfast heart) but also demonstrates different unique paths at which he can easily glorify his uniqueness and creativity as well as he can drive his life very smooth, efficient and effective manner.

I think that A True Guru (a visionary Teacher) teaches students that most of the time in the life: failure, distress, weakness, darkness, loneliness come but It is intelligence (driven by the soul), who decide which is hindrance or stepping stone. If education system integrate all four dimensions – mental intelligence, spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence then definitely a beautiful mind can transform all negative element into stepping stone and can neutralize all form of duality very easy manner and can enjoy at both sides.  

O Teacher!
Supercharge us for dare to DREAM
Lead our energy into right DIRECTION
Propel us for right habit of DISCOVERY
Bless us for designing own DESTINY
O Teacher!
Reengineer our vision of life
direct us for purposeful mission
Ignite our beautiful minds
charge our thinking pattern of brains
Spread creativity in our imagination
motivate us for innovative ideas

O Teacher!
When we felt weak in any sense
Bless us, convince that
Weakness is a nice opportunity
Take every opportunity as a challenge
Transform it into a great strength

O Teacher!
When we fell in darkness of life
Guide us, ensure that
Darkness is a space for deep silence
It is a right time of meditation
It is a period of renewal of your whole energy
Transform every darkness into lightness

O Teacher!
When we failed in any field
Bless us, convince that
Success and failure are just events of life
Failure is a nice chance of improvement
Failure is a true message of changing with time
It is a time of redesigns present strategy
and Crust the target by robust strategy

O Teacher!
When we feel loneliness in the life
Guide us, ensure that
Loneliness is a route of internal enquiry.
Internal enquiry is a way of imagination
Imagination is a door of creativity and innovation.

O Teacher!
When we lost any battle
Bless us, convince that
Loosing is a message of restructuring all tactics
Loosing is a chance of reinventing new actions
Winning the battle is not your vision of life
Winning the final war is your ultimate destiny.

O Teacher!
When we looped in the circle of jealousy
Guide us, ensure that
Comparison from other is a wrong habit
Comparison from own self is a right habit
Glorify your uniqueness and creativeness in every time
Manifestation of uniqueness is a path of self-realization.

O Teacher!
When we coiled in the matrix of ego
Bless us, convince that
Ego is very dangerous attributes
It annihilates all acquire virtues
It damages your divine character
Dissolve all egos and transform into self-esteem.

O Teacher!
When we defeated in love
Guide us, ensure that
True Love always wins
Love is driving agent of life
Love is a prayer of god
Love is an image of soul.
Love is a true vision of life
Love is true journey of happiness

– Ajay Singh Niranjan