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Holistic Development – [ Integrate : SQ + EQ + IQ + PQ = True Knowledge]

March 4, 2007

Holistic Development – [ Integrate: SQ + EQ + IQ + PQ = True Knowledge ]

  A beautiful insight about PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ by Prof. Stephan R. Covey

Physical Intelligence: Wise nutrition, Consistence balance exercises Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventing. 

 Mental intelligent: Continuous, systematic, disciplined study and education Cultivation of self awareness, learning by teaching and doing. 

Emotional intelligent: Self awareness, Personal motivation, Self regulation, Empathy, Social skill.

Spiritual Intelligence: Integrity ( Character building ) ,Meaning ( Purpose of life ),Voice( Self Enlightenment and motivate to other )  .

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Five focus areas of the knowledge paradigm: NKC

March 1, 2007

 Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high …– Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

The National Knowledge Commission is a high-level advisory body to the Prime Minister of India, with the objective of transforming India into a knowledge society.

The overarching aim of the National Knowledge Commission is to enable the development of a vibrant knowledge based society. This entails both a radical improvement in existing systems of knowledge, and creating avenues for generating new forms of knowledge.Greater participation and more equitable access to knowledge across all sections of society are of vital importance in achieving these goals.In view of the above, the NKC seeks to develop appropriate institutional frameworks to:

  • Strengthen the education system, promote domestic research and innovation, facilitate knowledge application in sectors like health, agriculture, and industry.
  • Leverage information and communication technologies to enhance governance and improve connectivity.
  • Devise mechanisms for exchange and interaction between knowledge systems in the global arena.

It covers sectors ranging from education to e-governance in the five focus areas of the knowledge paradigm:

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Access : Literacy,Language,Translation,Libraries Networks, Portals

Concepts: School Education ,Vocational Education, Higher Education, Medical Education ,Legal Education, Management Education, Engineering Education, Open and Distance Education

Creation : Science and Technology,Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs),Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Application: Traditional Knowledge ,Agriculture 

Services: e-Governance 


E-Governance, Traditional Knowledge, Agriculture, Rural Sector and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, Higher Education, Literacy

Reference: –

Report :

Focus Areas:

Resources :

********************************************** Knowledge and ignorance are the two unborn ones. One is the ruler and the other, the ruled. Apart from these two, there is another who is also unborn and who is connected with the enjoyer and his enjoyment. And then there is the infinite self, the universal form, who is non-doer. When one knows this triad, one has known Brahman (cosmic consciousness).”- Upanishad

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