Can we have a science … within or … of consciousness?

By  Anup Vishnu Bagla   




No sub-consciousness /or unconsciousness, which is figment of human imagination / mind, On the basis of purity / quality and state of awakening.


From one whole mind or consciousness, universal – creative source – all individual consciousness are derived and after they come into being / existence as entity / being, they go through their life cycle depending upon their characteristics, purity and quality etc.

Universal or whole consciousness (MIND) has the intelligence of it’s own, which is the true creative intelligence (purest and brightest) as integrel property of it’s spiritual aspect (make up).


Individual consciousness as entity / being, although they are part of whole (universal consciousness), they have individual purpose /role play under the larger direction or design plan of world / universal manifestation.

We, as, players have limited – or – to the extent gifted, based on the evolutionary aspect – part to play in relation (vis-a-vis) to other individual consciousness, all of them together forming a cohesive, universal whole, as expressed in manifestation of world drama stage.

At consciousness level, which is the quantum space operating through the whole Universe at a given moment, we are all united in one consciousness from where we draw our energy for operating at individual levels.

The energy of entropy also comes from the same source. Therefore we can be aware of thought activity in our neighbourhood surrounding environment at this higher consciousness level and even at distant past or future space-time events.

At our individual consciousness / understanding, energy level by living in our waking or sleeping state, we create program and work according to that program in our individual mind. Our individual consciousness united with one whole / supreme consciousness gives the feeling of oneness as one wave in the sea.

Thus, the entire Universal / cosmic consciousness is ever existing phenomenon with it’s creative intelligence potentially present in it’s subtle core of substance within the consciousness.

This ever – existing consciousness is the common denominator at the un-manifest level of all manifest activity. It is ever in vibration within it’s subtle core where combustion and renewal of the intelligent vibratory substance / wavelets is constantly taking place, under some invisible cosmic design principle / direction. Therefore it is a self- sustaining chain process – a larger self, which is the only TRUTH we know of.  

by  Anup Vishnu Bagla  

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