VIPASSANA MEDITATION for Students, Children, Adults

VIPASSANA MEDITATION for Students, Children, Adults


1)                  Sharper Memory

2)                  Increased Concentration

3)                  Better Decision Making and Confidence

4)                  Peaceful and happy mind

5)                  Freedom from stress, fear, worry, anger

6)                  Better Performance in studies, sports, work

7)                  Better Health


1)     Two day Anapana Meditation courses are regularly offered for children/students. These can help a child become a better student and happier person. [One day courses can also be organized in schools]

2)     Ten day courses are regularly offered for Adults. Correct practice of Vipassana results in immense and life transforming benefits.

3)     The courses are offered with the sole intent of spreading happiness, and are free of cost. After completing a course, one can donate according to one’s own wish.



For more information, Contact nearest Vipassana Meditation center.

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One Response to “VIPASSANA MEDITATION for Students, Children, Adults”

  1. Juan Colon Says:

    Hi & greetings, I am very interested in this technique & I would like to learn more about Anna pana (Vipassana Meditation) I was told how to do it but I need the correct way to proceed. Can your organization please send me information on it?

    Thank you very much! 🙂

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