Universal prayer : May the divine protect us both The teacher & student

May the divine protect us both the teacher & student

May he nourish us both

My we work with great energy

May our study be vigorous and fruitful

May we never oppose one another?

Peace, peace, peace.


4 Responses to “Universal prayer : May the divine protect us both The teacher & student”

  1. Liara Covert Says:

    There may be no end to individual evolution. As we each seek to recreate and rediscover ourselves, we will come to know and understand new layers of our souls. We are all teachers and students seeking answers. Experience offers us opportunities to learn who we have chosen to be. We spend our lives exerting efforts to jog our memories to learn what we already ultimately know. The physical and spiritual worlds interconnect.

  2. rakesh mistry Says:

    Very good content I really liked reading it.please continue providing coverage on such thoughtful content

  3. Krishna rao Says:

    In this prayer, the concern of the teacher towards the student and responsibilities of the student are highlighted by seeking the support of the Almighty for maintaining peace. But, today, under ISO system, the teacher is being evaluated by the student, giving upper hand to the student, by undermining the role of the teacher just under supplier-customer relationship only.

  4. saba Says:

    Your blog is really beautiful.
    I love the picture of the kids… It gives me a calming feeling inside.

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