11 Effective Quotation on Leaders vs Managers – Warren Bennis

*    Leaders do the right things; Managers do things right.

*    Leaders focus on people; Managers focus on systems. 

 *    Leaders ask what and why; Managers ask how and when.

*    Leaders innovate; Managers administer.

*    Leaders develop; Managers maintain.

*    Leaders inspire trust; Managers rely on control. 

*    Leaders have a longer-term perspective; Managers have a short-term perspective.

*    Leaders originate; Managers imitate.

*    Leaders have an eye on the horizon; Managers have an eye on the bottom-line.

*    Leaders are their own person; Managers emulate the classic good soldier.

*    Leaders challenge the status-quo; Managers accept the status-quo.

~AJAY SINGH NIRANJAN:- Support the Mission:Great Human Capital 

||||||Effective Quotations by Great Thinker||||||

Gearge Bernard Shaw :Mahatma Gandhi :Peter F. Drucker


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