Leadership in Execution: Execution competencies

In the organisation or system ………Failure of good strategy & plans… 

Where is the center of gravity? 

Focus: The great execution gap. 

What is the definition of leadership in context of execution?  

What are execution competencies?   Kindly read this nice article written by M.R. Chandramowly at deccaherald.com  

Leadership in execution 

 Some insight from this article:  

Execution competencies: 

*       Execution leaders are in regular touch with the day-to-day realities of business and people. Being present in the “power of now”, the personal connections build intuitive feel for leadership and followers. 

*       They live in reality and do not shade it to make a good appearance. Embracing reality is about keeping the view of global trends and measuring your own progress, not internally but externally. 

*       Execution leaders set clear goals and priorities. The logic of business thinking is to focus on three or four clear priorities. A leader who has 10 priorities does not know himself what the most important things are. Execution Leader aligns few clear goals across the organisation and simplifies things so that others can understand, evaluate and act on them. 

*       One of the concerns in widespread business is lack of perseverance and ability to follow through. 

*       Reward the doers. People produce specific results if they are rewarded accordingly. Rewards include monetary value and beyond 

*       The sixth execution competency is to expand people’s capabilities through coaching. 

*       The last execution competency, which is the basis for all the six to stand on is self-awareness. Leading a business requires strong character, emotional fortitude and awareness of strengths and weaknesses especially in dealing with other people, and the ability to build on the strengths and correct the weaknesses. 

Similarly the other execution behaviours can be identified with leadership competencies: Insist on realism, set clear goals and priorities – results driven, follow through – perseverance, reward the doers – motivating and inspiring, expand people capabilities – developing self and others, know yourself – self-knowledge.***********************************************

 Effective Artciles which align to above article. Kindly link and share your expereince.

~Ajay Singh Niranjan ~


4 Responses to “Leadership in Execution: Execution competencies”

  1. Pradeepa M Says:

    Hope i will get benefit

  2. Neha Dogra Says:

    Nice collection of articles. Thanks.

  3. Leadership Quotes by Peter F. Drucker « Great Human Capital Says:

    […] Leadership in Execution: Execution competencies […]

  4. Monika Says:

    Yes, Leadership and its role in executing strategy is a hot topic at the moment. Palladium Group (in partnership with leading Australian universities) is currently undergoing a global research on Leadership for Execution of Strategy. Here is a link to their global survey (filling it up will give you a free access to the research results in November) https://www.regonow.com/palladium/link.cfm?link_id=81&dx=PQZKV32159&lg=0
    If you would like to take part in a survey as a company, Palladium is happy to provide an analysis of your results against total population of the survey. Contact them for details.

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