What is Understanding?

The word “understand” is beautiful. When you are in meditation everything “stands under” you, you are far above it. That is the meaning of understanding. Everything is there far below, so you can see …..You have bird’s-eye view. You can see the whole from your altitude. Intellectual can not see it; it is on the same plane. 

Understanding happens only when the problem is on plane and you are on a higher plane. If you are functioning on the same plan as the problem, understanding is not possible. You will only misunderstand.  

Kindly link for understanding:  

  1. Story: Zen is Understanding Yourself 
  2. Know thyself – Understand yourself –True Being, Pure Consciousness and Bliss
  3. Vipassana – a Meditation Technique of Gautama Buddha  


Effective Artciles which align to above article. Kindly link and share your expereince.

~Ajay Singh Niranjan ~


5 Responses to “What is Understanding?”

  1. Pradeep Says:

    Good work….
    I have read ur complete link of this article.
    Even i have a very good collection on mediation, n state of mind.

  2. Phantomias Says:

    I find it fascinating how after a while of studying different problem solving approaches they all converge and come together again:
    “If you are existing on the same plane as the problem, understanding is not possible”.
    Indeed it is true that being in a problem state makings solving the actual problem much harder…

    If you dont mind, I will borrow your very poignant formulation for my next client…

  3. anup vishnu bagla Says:

    When we stand-under the light of Wisdom (Pragnya), we see clearly by discrimination (Vivek) and get Right Thoughts which by repeatition leads to (B)Right Thoughts which over-time or in due course of time leads to the same brightness or light of wisdom flooding / filling our consciousness …

    Understanding can also be interpreted this way and the way shown above by everything else standing under us and we getting a helicopter view on a higher plane; Albert Einstien said to have said this regarding Problem -Solving and I quote 🙂

    ” Problem-solution comes by coming out or rising above or higher than the (plane of …) Consciousness in which the problem exists …”, all of which means the same thing; Thanks for the interpretation though and I’m grateful!

  4. RAJIV BHOLE Says:

    “Any significant problem cannot be solved with the same level of thinking (understanding) we were at when we created the problem” — Einstein

  5. anup vishnu bagla Says:

    Thank you for correcting me ….

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