From Idea to Execution

We have lots of great Ideas but unable to execute !!

Where should be need more focus: Idea or Execution.

Sharing these insightful articles about execution-the discipline of getting things done.

From Idea to Execution -by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble at

Which is more important: ideas or execution? at

Some insight from Innovation weblog:

“The error is in assuming that the company has already hurdled the most difficult barriers to innovation: finding a great idea and a great leader. In fact, the biggest challenges are still to come. Our research has shown that strategic experiments face their stiffest resistance once they are showing signs of success, consuming more resources, and clashing with (the parent company) at multiple levels.”Here are some of the challenges that a new internal venture faces, according to Govindarajan and Trimble:

  • It must attract funding
  • It must learn quickly from success and failure
  • It must rally people around a fuzzy view of the future
  • It must reorganize the leverage the lessons learned
  • It must manage expectations of performance and chaos

The authors have also identified six tendencies of established organizations that new ventures also typically face:

  • Protecting funding for the new venture regardless of the performance of the parent company
  • Establishing new organizational norms and policies that make sense for the new venture
  • Overcoming tensions between the new venture and the existing company when those norms and policies conflict
  • Affecting changes in the existing power structure required to support the new venture
  • Engaging employees of the parent company in supporting the new venture and
  • Recruiting talented managers from the parent company to work within the new venture


Effective Artciles which align to above article. Kindly link and share your expereince.

~Ajay Singh Niranjan ~


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