DISCOVER YOUR CREATIVE [MIND= Conscious, Subconscious & Superconscious Mind]….

“Just as the fire that is hidden in its source is unseen and yet remains latent, but can be generated from its source repeatedly by means of the drill, so is the case with the self in the body which has to be yoked by means of the syllable AUM”.- Upanishad

DISCOVER YOUR CREATIVE [MIND= Conscious, Subconscious & Superconscious Mind]…….


by Brad & Jeloria Jensen , adapted from the ‘Discover Your Creative Mind’ lessons written by Brad & Jeloria Jensen

You may have heard that your mind is like an iceberg, with 9/10ths of it below the level that we can see. You may also have heard that most people do not use 90% of their brain. You can learn to explore and use that portion of your mind which is outof view for most people.

The inner part of your mind is a fascinating place. It holds all of your hopes and dreams, your fantasies and the seed of the future that you will create for yourself. Just as each plant has its foundation in the hidden soil of the earth, so too are your thoughts based in the inner part of yourself.  

By learning what the soil is made of and the process of growth that occurs in a plant, a scientist can learn how to develop richer soils and healthier plants. By learning what goes into creating within the inner part of your mind and what the process of growth is for your thoughts, you can learn how to make your thoughts stronger and healthier, and enrich your existence.

As you begin to learn about creation, you will also naturally learn about your responsibility to yourself and in dealing with others. You will learn that only YOU can make the choices that really matter in your life and to expect others to choose for you is to deny yourself the respect you truly deserve.


Each thing that exists in the natural world has its own unique structure that serves to identify it from all other things. You are not likely to confuse a rabbit with an oak tree, for example, because their structures are so obviously different to your naked eye. Even rocks have different crystalline structures that help the expert tell them apart.

Our greatest advances in science have come about by learning the structure or makeup of things. Even now, tremendous amounts of time and money are being spent on research into the basic structure of sub-atomic particles, in hopes of liberating new secrets about the nature of matter.


Mind itself has a structure that is not immediately apparent to the untrained observer. Learning the structure of mind is the important firststep to really using your creative mind to your fullest potential.   Each thing that exists is made of mind. Existence means existence in mind. When you learn how the mind is structured, you can begin to learn the cause and effect of each thing that exists. You will see that what many people call ‘psychic` senses are really just the learned ability to use the creative mind. The mind has three basic divisions. It is important to remember that most of mind is not physical. The only part of your mind which is physical is the brain. Think of the divisions of your mind as like the layers of an onion.

The three divisions of mind are the CONSCIOUS, SUBCONSCIOUS AND SUPER-CONSCIOUS minds.


The outermost division of mind is the CONSCIOUS mind. This division houses your brain and your emotions, and of course, is the physical division. This is the part of your mind that you use to perform your regular conscious activities. You use your conscious mind most of all when you are concentrating on learning new understandings. As you learn the reasons behind a pattern of thought or activity, and practice this understanding over and over again, it gradually becomes a part of your subconsious mind.

For example, remember the first time you drove a car. Remember peering over the steering wheel at the road and constantly turning the steering wheel as the car weaved back and forth down the road? Now, when you get in the car, you may drive all the way to work without a single conscious thought about how to drive. An activity that used to be conscious is now almost entirely performed by the subconsious mind at your command.  

Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is the second innermost division of mind. The subconsious mind is like the genie in the lamp of Aladdin. It will perform the most amazing services for you if you know how to ask for them. Some of the things that the subconsious mind can do for you will seem like magic at first, until you learn how they are accomplished.

The subconsious mind holds all of your past understood experiences, things that you have learned by practicing them over and over again, until they have literally become a part of your mind. One of the many miracles of the subconsious mind is how it keeps the physical body properly coordinated, adjusting hormone levels, respiration and heartbeat, digestions, and so forth. Your subconsious mind knows more about how to keep your body going than all the doctors in the world put together.

To use your subconsious mind to its fullest advantage, you need to understand how it works. The subconsious mind exists to provide you learning experiences. The subconsious mind responds to pictures. Whatever you place your attention on, whether it is a desire or a fear, your subconsious mind will create the experience for you. The subconsious mind does not have our conscious prejudices about pleasant and unpleasant experiences. It gives us what we ask for, and it assumes we are asking for something when we think about it. Remember, thoughts are things!

To create the things and experiences you desire, you need to learn to make clear mental pictures in your conscious imagination. Each picture serves as a kind of computer program for the subconscious mind. The stronger and clearer the picture, the more accurate your results will be. The subconscious mind is your servant. It is up to you to learn to program your subconscious mind to give you the things you truly desire.

The innermost division of mind is the SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND. This is the part of mind that provides the energy and overall direction for the rest of mind. Your superconscious mind contains the blueprint for your expression as an individual. It is the part of your being which is closest to the Supreme Being, or God.


Your mind is always creating. In the same sense that your physical body constantly breathes, your mind constantly creates. You may not always be aware of your breathing or control the rate and depth of each breath, but your body continues to breathe from the moment you are born to the end of your physical existence.

In the same way, your mind creates unceasingly. It is the natural function of the mind to create, whether you are awake or asleep. Your subconscious mind has been creating events for you throughout your life. Indeed, nothing can occur in your life without the activity of your subconscious mind causing it to happen. Your subconscious mind will do only what you consciously or unconsciously tell it to do.

The most important thing to remember in using your creative mind is that nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, ‘just happens` to you. Each event that occurs in your life has one cause, and that cause is YOU. It is up to you to make sure that the things you really want to happen in your life are happening. It is up to you to be sure that you are creating the things you intend to create.


Everything that exists in the physical began as a thought. Take a good look at your physical surroundings. Everything, from this paper you are reading, to the chair on which you sit, began as a thought in mind. Remember, thoughts are things!

To create something you desire, all you need do is imagine it and then begin the necessary activity to bring it into the physical. For example, let’s say you want a new car. Imagine exactly the kind of car you want, the color, the make, the style, and the cost. Imagine yourself sitting in the drivers seat, driving down the road. Imagine the joy and satisfaction you get from driving your new car. Use all your senses to experience your new car in your imagination.


The next step is to use your WILL to bring your new car to you. What this means is making the decision to get the kind of car you want and then following thru with this decision by going out to look for it. Since you know exactly what you want, your subconscious mind will take you directly to the car you are looking for.


In creating with your imagination and will, it is important to remember to create EVENTS. Respect the free will of others, because if you don’t, you will not get the results you really desire. Also, you would not like someone else trying to make you do things you do not desire to do. There is a rule of the game called KARMA, which ensures that “as you sow, so shall you reap”. The intentions you are using in your creative activity are the same ones you will experience in return. Treat others as you would have them treat you.


It is important, when creating an event, to practice ‘believing’. Again, this is when you must use your will, because it is not always easy to ‘believe’. Do not be concerned or worried as to ‘how’ an event will come about. Anxiety can clog up the energy flow between the conscious and subconscious mind.

This is what Jesus meant when he said “Ye must be as little children”. Children are natural believers and they have very good imagination skills. To children, anything is possible, until an adult convinces them otherwise. You must use your creative mind as a child. Believe that what you desire will become a reality. In fact, in your imagination, believe that your desire has already entered the physical. Believe that what you want to happen, has already happened. In this way, you send a complete picture of the event to your subconscious mind, for the creation process to begin.

It is a good idea, while you are still new at creating what you want, to keep your thoughts and goals to yourself. It may come as a surprise to you, but many people do not want you to be creative. They want the people they know and the things they do, to be as predictable as the sunrise in the morning. They would rather live with a predictable pain than take chances on an unpredictable joy.

As you become stronger, you will be able to tell others of your goals, because their negativity cannot penetrate your belief in yourself and in what you are doing.


What about all the times when you experience an unpleasant situation? You lose your job, you have no money, your mate leaves you or you have an accident. You are the creator of unpleasant experiences, as well as the pleasant ones. But how is this possible, you might say. Why would I create an unpleasant situation for myself? Why would I consciously create a hardship? The answer is that your hardluck situation was created from your ‘unconscious mind’.

Your unconscious mind houses all your fears, anxieties, and worries. When you place your undivided attention on a fear, that fear can become a reality. For example, you fear that you won’t have enough money to pay your bills. If you concentrate on this fear long enough, you will create the exact situation you fear.

You see, whatever you place your attention on is what you get. If you dwell on a particular fear, then your subconscious mind is programmed to create the ‘fear’ for you. Your subconscious mind does not care if the situation causes you pain. It only gives you what you picture in your mind.

Knowing this, would it not be better to create from desires, rather than from fears? The choice is always yours. There is a universal law called the Law of Abundance. This law states that there is always an abundance of whatever it is that you desire. There is always enough money to pay bills, always enough food to eat, fuel to burn, happiness to be shared. The energy to create whatever you desire is always there, if you will use it.

Remember the story in the Bible where Jesus fed the multitudes?

 He may or may not have manifested food out of thin air and the arguments could go on forever. However, I believe that this is not the real issue here. I believe the real miracle of this event is that Jesus wanted us to know that there is more than enough of what we need, if we will imagine it, use our wills to believe it and then engage in the physical activity to bring it about.

Believe in the Law of Abundance, because it is true. This will take a lot of will power, especially in the face of need, but believe anyway. Just when you catch yourself saying, “I will not have enough”, stop right then and say, out loud, “There is always enough of what I need”. Soon, you will not only believe in abundance, you will know it is so.


To live a truly creative life, you must first acknowledge that you are the creator of your own life. You must recognize that the CAUSE of each event in your life is YOU. You must accept responsibility for yourself. A lot of people are afraid of the idea that they have free will and can use it in any manner they wish. Many of us go through life complaining about the situation in our lives that we see as out of our control. In this way, we deny responsibility for the events that occur in our lives.

There are no events or situations outside your control! You have complete freedom to change the things that are happening now in your life. Only you can choose to live a happy or satisfying life and if you are telling yourself that you have to wait even ONE MORE MINUTE before you begin, you are kidding yourself. When we pretend that we need something, outside of ourself, for our continued happiness or peace of mind, we experience what I call ‘attachment’. We attach part of our self-worth to an outside event, person or thing. Then we try to control our feelings of self-worth by attempting to control that person, event or thing. It never works!

Creativity is your birthright. You have the free will to choose your own life. The only catch is that if you don’t use it, someone else will. If you don’t make your own decisions, someone will make them for you, leaving you to wonder why you are always the ‘victim’. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel ‘victimized’ or ‘used’, check your memory banks. Chances are, you passed up an opportunity to make a decision so someone else made the desision for you!  It is always up to you to make the life you desire for yourself. Do not wait for permission from another to unfold the real you. You have the permission with each breath you take. Use it! Remember you are the creating intelligence within yourself. Remember that your mind will create for you constantly, just like breathing, whether you want it to or not. It will create what you desire or what you fear. It is up to you to choose. If you hesitate in your choice, you choose the fear by default. Since you have a choice, wouldn’t it be better to have what you want, rather than what you don’t want? Remember, the time to choose is now, and the time to begin creating what you desire is now. If you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow will never come.


Your mind is a highly specialized, finely-tuned creative instrument. Scientists has worked for years to duplicate the functions of the human brain using computers. The results so far has been very primitive. Some scientists have speculated that to duplicate the functioning of one human brain, it would take computer equipment worth over one billion dollars and hundreds of programmers working together for years. Your brain is the equivalent of a billion dollar computer. Think of how much you can do with so large an investment!

Your mind can be programmed for more efficient activity by the use of exercises that strengthen your abilities in the areas of concentration, relaxation, imagination, will and memory. These exercises must be done on a regular basis, just as you would do physical exercises.



This exercise will help you develop will power, perspective, goal setting skills, concentration and visualization skills. For this exercise, you will need a small note pad. Get one small enough to carry in your purse or pocket. Here is how the exercise works:

1. Write down ten things you want, as if you already had them and were  enjoying them. Now rewrite them in the order of their importance. Make sure the things on your list are specific and measurable. In other words, it is OK to want happiness, but how will you measure it, so you will know when you have it? Instead, put the things on your list which will bring you happiness.

2. Now, at least three times a day, read the list, and imagine yourself having and enjoying the items listed. See yourself using them, in the present tense. To help you remember, read your list at each meal.


3. As soon as you have gotten three things on the list, you may discuss it with someone else – not until then. Do not show the contents of your list to anyone else! It is easy to allow the doubts, fears and mental laziness of others to affect your thinking. At this point, you are making a series of mental pictures, and you don’t want anyone else blundering around in your darkroom, perhaps double-exposing your negatives. Remember, you can use your mind, or you can let someone else use it for you.

 4. When you get something on your list, take it off the list, and re- place it with something else you want. If you have something on your list which is no longer important to you, again, replace it with some- thing you do want.

5. When the list starts working for you, don’t panic and shy away from it. It may seem like magic, but it is not. It is just a tool.

The Ten Most Wanted List uses the exact same process you are presently using to get what you desire or fear, but the list helps you to make the control of the process more conscious.  Learning to use your creative mind is similar to developing any other skill – it takes practice, patience, and persistence. But, results will come quickly once you begin to follow thru on our commitment to harness the power of your mind. Your mind is already creating – you are just learning to direct the process.

Use these ideas daily and you will truly discover your creative mind!



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 – Ajay Singh Niranjan


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    Highly inspring and felt like a new person. Commendable article.Must read article for people of all ages. Thanks for spark in my mind. Arvind

  4. Rajesh Kher Says:

    All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in your own mind. The external world is simply the suggestion, the occasion, which sets you to study your own mind, but the object of your study is always your own mind. The falling of an apple gave the suggestion to Newton, and he studied his own mind; he rearranged all the previous links of thought in his mind and discovered a new link among them, which we call the law of gravitation. It was not in the apple or in anything in the centre of the earth.
    – Swami Vivekananda

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    Tolemariam Fufa
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  9. priya Says:

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  10. anup vishnu bagla Says:

    Here, we discuss about: CREATIVITY based on my personal observations, experiences and insights and also inspirations from the life of George Westinghouse and book: Your erreonous Zone by Dr Dyer Wayne …

    The write-up / article has been published multiple times in journals of repute =) Your valuables comments and feedback awaited :~


    We shall treat this discussion under three heads by dividing into 3 categories:
    · Identifying the qualities of creative mind.
    · Devising a method of measuring the index of creativity.
    · Developing/devising a method/model/technique for it’s further rise i.e., the index of the creativity/capability (essentially removing inaccurate, wrong and erroneous thinking).

    First, we shall discuss what are the indications, traits of creative mind behavior; it’s signs, identifying symptoms etc. in this first part. Generally creative behavior traits are thought of as:

    · Fluency
    · Flexibility
    · Originality
    · Elaboration…………………………………….. …….these are broad classification.

    Some of the mental tendencies of a bright creative mind are:
    · High level of effective intelligence, applied intelligent imagination and openness to experience.
    · Very high sensitivity to feel, know, gauge and grasp human situations, energies in the neighborhood/atmosphere. The thought as energy wave is received, perceived, as it is, instantly as agreeable or unagreeable, pleasant or unpleasant. Inimical/harmful and unfavorable wave energies tend to spontaneously disturb and lower/sink the life energy sapping and emptying it of life light (brilliant, bright light emitting goodness- feeling), by activating the downward motion/momentum.
    The mind being highly sensitive with high power receiving antenna is vulnerable and subject to intense feelings….agitation and flux/flow of energies unless checked by strict discipline, understanding at the relational level, exposure to environment and people.
    · Aesthetic sensitivity towards beauty in all external things.
    · In course of interaction, they are free from crippling restraints and impoverishing inhibitions —This freedom is essential which has to be cultivated, nurtured to remove unintelligent substance from life energy by overcoming erroneous thoughts and tiring / unhealthy thinking & feeling.
    · Cognitive flexibility.
    · Independence in thought and action.
    · High level of creative, illuminated energy.
    · Unquestioning commitment to creative endeavors.
    · Unceasing striving for solutions to more and more difficult problems which he constantly sets for himself.
    · Creative people are lovers of nature, outdoors, rains etc.
    · Although they are just, honest and always look for justice, they do not get hurt if the circumstances are adverse.
    · They are courageous, treading unknown paths. They do not appreciate unnecessary or non-useful / stupid laws in social dealings.
    · They are independent in working without having any expectations or need for approval seeking, as their approval comes from inside, in proximity to spirit. They, generally, have a helping nature.
    · They love humor and are uncomplaining, accepting/adjusting with people / situations / circumstances as they are and also correcting which needs to be corrected.
    · Always, being doers, they do not always demand or are concerned with orderliness, organization. At the same time, they are self-disciplined with lot of energy and will. This aspect has to be regularly empowered.
    · As a natural outcome, they never play games to impress others for favors or promotion / raise.

    Some other traits are:
    1. Conceptual fluency- to create large number of ideas quickly.
    2. Originality- To generate unusual ideas and separate source from content in evaluating information…to be motivated by interest in problems… follow wherever it leads to.
    3. Suspending judgment- avoiding early commitment & spending more time in analysis / exploration.
    4. Non / less-Authoritarian – to have relativistic view of life and to accept own impulses as a part of playful / undisciplined exploration.
    5. Independence of judgment & less conformity.
    6. Deviant or deviating /different – to see self as different or unique.
    7. “Bizarre” and rich fantasy life & superior reality orientation and controls i.e., down to earth.
    8. To take life and every activity as part of sport.

    It is very important not to get affected / immobilized emotionally or feeling wise with win / lose situation. It presupposes living life for just living and being creatively active, alive.

    It is quite possible to be misunderstood as rebel, selfish, uncaring etc. as creative person is trying to be independent and allowing others to have / choose their own independence. It is very important to ignore other people’s opinion, if it is unqualified. All this automatically points to non-approval seeking / non-dependence and not going to extremes to please others for favors.

    A creative person is internally directed and all his ideas come from inner / spiritual – brilliant…. bright light base.

    It is quite possible to experience lot of trials and tribulations, failures due to condemnation, non – understanding by other fellow beings, as a creative person is also non-showy, non-buttering type.
    And so, it becomes natural for him to take everything in its stride. This may result in a feeling of letdown and lowliness / down in tiredness and depth of despondency.

    At the same time a creative person has a fighting spirit to change the tides depending on his ability and also upon the surrounding universe / environment & prevailing conditions which may be difficult at times and has to be practiced in sincerity. In reality or actuality the Infinite TRUTH works through the creative person. Action in inaction / spontaneity is the hallmark of a creative action.

    One important quality of a creative mind is the ability to free oneself of the binding attachment to pleasant / unpleasant experience and situations.
    A creative mind dislikes & discards domination / control of any / every type and may create lot of enemies for itself because of non-relenting to unfair means.

    It becomes a controversial figure because it is a catalyst for social or technological / scientific change.

    9. A creative mind finds it difficult to adjust to classroom teaching, instruction of rigid text book learning and may feel frustrated, impatient by slow pace.
    10. It finds itself many times fixed or caught in social dos and don’ts, customs, traditions / taboos of social pressure groups, which create domination / subjugation etc.
    11. A creative mind is simple natured, working to bring cheer / joy in everyone’s life and do not particularly work for self-glorification.
    Rather, it glorifies the infinite / divine principle i.e., natural / scientific principles or ideas and their workings / manifestations.
    Experiential TRUTH sense is the mark up indicator / symptom of the creative behavior.
    12. Insight into the behavior of others is another important quality of a creative brain.

    What may seem complex and indecipherable to others, a creative brain sees clearly understood.
    The problems that immobilize so many others are often viewed as only minor annoyances by these enlightened minds.
    This lack of emotional involvement in problems makes them surmount barriers that remain insurmountable to others.
    They have insight into themselves too and they recognize immediately what others are attempting to do to them.
    They can shrug off and ignore while others are angered and immobilized.
    They just ignore them.

    A creative scientist or engineer has an extremely low threshold of discomfort. He sees problems where others are happy to continue undisturbed. This shows their penetrating visual abilities.
    At the same time he is equally extremely long in his “mental stamina”.

    The rest of the people have the opposite traits. They do not see problems in the obvious and suffer no discomfort in the midst of intellectual and material incongruities. And finally, when, they are made to see the problems, they are too soon exhausted and are ready either to shelve it as insoluble or pass it to others because they are too busy or pretend, they have solved it by ameliorating the symptoms.

    Creative mind is oriented towards setting and solving meaningful problems, using an inner drive to recombine his storehouse of experiences in new ways.

    In attacking his problems, he does not behave as a conformist or a follower / a second copy. Instead, he pioneers, often, sets his own specifications and is not afraid to fail frequently.

    Because, he is not afraid to fail frequently, he is productive in the long run.

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    Truly needed and greatly appreciated, its one thing to read something then to forget about it as soon as your done…which unfortunately I often do unless I was truly interested in the subject from the beginning. I wrote down my 10 wants. Something people have been telling me to do for YEARS but I never did…Im Going through some things in my MIND right now and I think this may help…I been afraid to use my engine inside my head to think positively because negatives keep popping up everywhere!

  13. Ray Gaudry Says:

    I can relate so much to what you’ve said it’s like you’re explaning my past. I’m at the point now where I can easily switch into super conciousness or just conciousness at any moment other than in extremely unsafe situations which is just basic instinct. I’m happy all the time even when people can’t possibly imagine how I can be with my so called horrrrrrrrible terrifying past. Went through every doctor and got thrown into the psych ward after detoxing from drugs, yep did all the drugs I could get my hands on to feel “normal”. Healed myself with this meditation or superconciousness or whatever you want to call it in like 3 days. I could push my nose flat against my face and I got a big nose, 3 days later completely or almost completely healed. Oxygen was at 100% in my blood and didn’t cough up any rez because I think my lungs healed extremely fast too. I woke up in the psych ward because I switched into conciousness on my own and started walking around touching things. So they dosed me with tranquiliser and put me in lockdown. did hundreds of tests on me all day long and went through many many psychiatrists. Was diagnosed with skitzo, bipolar then hypomania. Proved em all wrong and it drove them nuts!!! lol, I guess they couldn’t understand how a 19 year old druggy moron could be so fricken healthy and profound. I enjoyed every moment of their experiments I thought it was quite satisfying seeing their minds in awe lol. Now I’m writing poems and actually adding colors and art and other stuff all in this book I guess I’m making since the last 3 weeks. Wrote like 200 rhyming poems in just these weeks. I am so bored of that I think I will try to make them into songs now or try whatever new to make it more profound and creative and most of all simplified for “normal” people to easily understand. I’d like to talk to anyone with similar experiences it is quite nice to know there are others who aren’t isolated from being famous or whatever YET lol. my email is

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