Innovation Means Relying on Everyone’s Creativity

Every human being has infinitite possibilities , capabilities & creativity. But the question arise all the time, how we release our own power and help to other perron for finding his own voice.

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Innovation Means Relying on Everyone’s Creativity.

An excerpt:

Innovation has always been a primary challenge of leadership. Today we live in an era of such rapid change and evolution that leaders must work constantly to develop the capacity for continuous change and frequent adaptation, while ensuring that identity and values remain constant. They must recognize people’s innate capacity to adapt and create — to innovate.

In my own work I am constantly and happily surprised by how impossible it is to extinguish the human spirit. People who had been given up for dead in their organizations, once conditions change and they feel welcomed back in, find new energy and become great innovators. My questions are How do we acknowledge that everyone is a potential innovator? How can we evoke the innate human need to innovate?

The human capacity to invent and create is universal. Ours is a living world of continuous creation and infinite variation. Scientists keep discovering more species; there may be more than 50 million of them on earth, each the embodiment of an innovation that worked.Yet when we look at our own species, we frequently say we’re “resistant to change.” Could this possibly be true? Are we the only species — out of 50 million — that digs in its heels and resists? Or perhaps all those other creatures simply went to better training programs on “Innovation for Competitive Advantage?


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6 Responses to “Innovation Means Relying on Everyone’s Creativity”

  1. Dominic Basulto Says:

    Margaret, I love this description of innovation! Especially the part about “continuous innovation” and “infinite variation.” Over at the Endless Innovation blog, I’m looking at how a similar notion of “evolved innovation” can be applied to businesses and organizations.

  2. prabhat kumar Says:

    The doors of one’s creativity are generally half open.

    In order to open them fully, human consciousness needs to be awakened to a greater degree through rigorous training of the mind, meditation (e.g. vipassana) or constant listening to one’s inner voice.

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  6. Stephen Says:

    I think that everyone is an innovator within their own sphere.
    You only have to look at the third world to understand that even the poorest individual can innovate ways of making money to survive. In itself that’s as great an innovation as someone inventing a tool that helps man get into space.

    Innovation will come out of necessity and the human mind will always discover new innovations for itself, even to our own destruction.

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