Conversation between a Divine CHILD and A friend- My Poetic Insight

Every child is very near to mother, father, nature and god. Every child is very unique and creative. Every child is an emphatic listener and true learner. His mind is very pure and intuitive.  He expands mind seamlessly in all areas so they are inborn innovator. His every action creates new form of art. His every posture directs a unique form of dance. His Sweet sounds develop a nice musical harmony. His graceful appearance spread divine energies and opulence in the universe so that waves of happiness and true love can stabilize everywhere in the world.

Dedicated to all children of our universal family. I believe that the divine wisdom of children can reengineer and redefine the vision of Humanity towards love, happiness and purposeful life.

Conversation between a Divine CHILD and A friend- A Poetic Insight

Hi child! You are very near to mother, father, nature and god. Your graceful appearance spread divine knowledge everywhere in the world. What is the secret of your sound personality? Please explore your natural wisdom.

Hi friend! Good morning
Glimpse in my little eyes
You will achieve a divine image of god
See my smiling face
You will feel happiness of my mother
Look my whole personality
You will experience dynamism of my father.
Touch my rosy cheeks
You will sense true beauty of nature.

Hi child! You are looking a best manager. Your every action reflects unique management qualities. Just describe me-

O friend!
Watch my baby steps
Teach about continuous improvement
Listen my heart beats
Express about invaluable time
Observe my body movement
Showing about dynamism.

Hi child! Your habit of taking risk and positive mindset spread a true leadership skill. Just highlight your wisdom in this direction.

Hi friend!
I know very well
I am the Soul
I am fearless.

I follow the law of detachment
I walk with law of nature
I make own path every time
I have a habit of taking risk.

Every time I fall on the ground
I stand strongly and walk easily
It is all about positive mind-set
It is a part of learning process.

Hi child! You are very near to heart of god and your every quality glorifies divine nature. I think that you are a natural creator and innovator. Just portrays your invaluable ideas-

Hello friend!
Listen my innocent voice
It generates a perfect music
Watch my every posture
It originate artistic dance
Dissolve my every words and actions
in your heart and mind
It will create a nice innovation.

Hello child! You are always happy and your face always smiles and flows positive energy in the universe. Describe it clearly-

Hi friend!
I have no ego and jealousy
I smile frankly on every smile
I laugh heartily on every laugh
I think, it is all about
Purity of mind and heart
My every action share true love
My happiness create peace for humanity.
Conversation is continuing and child share their own experience about TRUE LOVE, which is actually driving force of life and creation of wealth & happiness and final journey of all human being.

O Friend!
Love is a first word of god
Love is an image of soul
Love is a prayer of god
Love is a vision of life.

Love is a patience of actions
Love is a passion of sacrifice
Love is a driving force of friendship spirit
Love is a symphony of sata Karma
Love is a spectrum of sacred thoughts
Love is an orchestra of divine qualities.

Finally I understood that every child is a natural teacher. Every child is born genius, creative and complete in all qualities. So I feel these lines when I observe child.

O Child! Good Morning
Our Divine Messenger
Our Natural Teacher
Our Real Motivator
Our Dynamic Manager

Just smile
it is our brain charger
Just laugh
it is our motivation
Just kiss
it is our happiness.

Just touch
it is our divinity
Just walk
it is our true journey
Just mediate
it is our yoga.

Just search
it is our innovation
Just think
it is our creation
Just love
it is our vision.

Warm regards & thanks..
Ajay Singh Niranjan

“You can accomplish anything in the life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit”. — Harry S. Truman


Holistic Development of Every Child


A beautiful insight about PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ by Prof. Stephan R. Covey

Physical Intelligence: Wise nutrition, Consistence balance exercises Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventing.

Mental intelligent: Continuous, systematic, disciplined study and education Cultivation of self awareness, learning by teaching and doing.

Emotional intelligent: Self awareness, Personal motivation, Self regulation, Empathy, Social skill.

Spiritual Intelligence: Integrity ( Character building ) ,Meaning ( Purpose of life ),Voice( Self Enlightenment and motivate to other )  .

Love & Light  Ajay Singh Niranjan  


2 Responses to “Conversation between a Divine CHILD and A friend- My Poetic Insight”

  1. Izrul Says:

    Hey, this is a good stuff you’re posting. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep it up.

  2. Jai Says:

    Thanks for sharing Ajay.

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