New Year: A message of Change for spreading true knowledge, love and happiness

The message of New Year is CHANGE. Change spread seamlessly through responsibility and awareness towards all systems which is interconnected with us. At the nice occasion of New Year, every moment, trying to spread true knowledge, love and happiness for all human being, care to our mother nature, stabilize peace in the world and expand positive energy in the universe for wellbeing of all.

A message of change for spreading true knowledge, love and happiness

Celebrate coming year with new ideas for changing the all system for bliss.
Celebrate coming year with love to all living and non-living entities.
Celebrate coming with sharing true knowledge for everyone.
Celebrate coming year with caring to our loving mother nature.
Celebrate coming year for stabilizing more peace and happiness in the world.
Celebrate coming year for expansions of positive energy in the universe.

and move our glorious Global family >>>>>>>

where all types of minds, hearts and souls are converging
where science and technology are playing in the institutional ground
where winning management theories and righteous philosophy are singing
where all types of right thoughts , words ,and actions are exchanging.

where inventions and discoveries are dancing on the ground of technology
where creativity and innovation are generating in the world.
where every change and dynamism are walking with time.
where our all friends are sharing their invaluable ideas & a clear vision.
where spiritual and material life are evolving & balancing
where cosmic consciousness and cosmic mother are flowing their divine energy
where universal spirits and mother nature are circulating their eternal bless.
we all of us, praying to universal power
Stabilize our global family is a benchmark in the universe
Where true knowledge and eternal wisdom are diverging in the universe
where happiness and sacred love are extending in the society.

where emotional network and family balance are maintaining for everyone
where unquestionable thoughts and positive energy are expanding in the world
where eternal values, true vision and immortal culture are spreading for humanity.

Again, best wishes to you and your family and all friends for making new year more wealthy, healthy, joyful and purposeful.

-Ajay Singh Niranjan



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