The Future of Management-world’s most influential business thinkers alive

The Future of Management – Who are the world’s most influential business thinkers alive today

The Future of Management
Thinkers 50 Global Ranking – 2005
Dr Patrick Dixon is ranked as one of the top 20 most influential thinkers alive today, in the Thinkers 50 2005 global executive survey.When it first appeared in 2001, the Thinkers 50, the first ever world ranking of business thinkers, provoked much discussion and comment, as well as attracting votes, opinions and media coverage across the world. Since then, several other rankings have been developed.The Thinkers 50 2005 was developed as a guide to which thinkers and ideas are currently having greatest impact – and which have been consigned to business history.The Thinkers 50 was originally created by Suntop Media in association with Bloomsbury Publishing. The aim was to answer a simple question:

Who is the most important living management thinker?

The Thinkers 50 team emailed hundreds of business managers and leaders, consultants, academics and MBA students in many different countries. The team also collected entries made using a form on the website. After sifting through more than 1,200 votes a list of prominent business thinkers was compiled.

The result was a short list of 80 names. Google was then used to look at the number of times each person was referenced, and factored into the ranking.  Finally, each person was scored against 10 criteria. The Measures

Are the ideas and examples used by the thinker original?

Have the ideas promoted by the thinker been implemented in organizations? And, has the implementation been successful?

How proficient is the thinker at presenting his/her ideas orally?

How proficient is the thinker at presenting his/her ideas in writing?

How committed are the thinker’s disciples to spreading the message and putting it to work?
Do they practice what they preach in their own business?


How international are they in outlook and thinking?

How well researched are their books and presentations?

Have their ideas had an impact on the way people manage or think about management?

The clincher: are they, for better or worse, guru material by your definition and expectation?

The results of all the work of the panel were then collated to produce the final ranking.
“Who is the most important living management thinker?”Dr Patrick Dixon was ranked 17 – up from 46 in 2003.(The figures in brackets below are the listings from the Thinkers50 2003 global ranking.) Ranking Name

1 Michael PORTER (2)
2 Bill GATES (20)
4 Tom PETERS (3)
5 Jack WELCH (8)
6 Jim COLLINS (10)
7 Philip KOTLER (6)
8 Henry MINTZBERG (7)
10 Charles HANDY (5)
11 Richard BRANSON (34)
12 Scott ADAMS (27)
13 Thomas A. STEWART (37)
14 Gary HAMEL (4)
15 Chan KIM & Renée MAUBORGNE (31)
16 Kenichi OHMAE (19)
17 Patrick DIXON (46)
18 Stephen COVEY (16)
19 Rosabeth MOSS KANTER (9)
20 Edward DE BONO (35)
21 Clayton CHRISTENSEN (22)
22 Robert KAPLAN & David NORTON (15)
23 Peter SENGE (14)
24 Ram CHARAN (-)
25 Fons TROMPENAARS (50)
26 Russ ACKOFF (-)
27 Warren BENNIS (13)
28 Chris ARGYRIS (18)
29 Michael DELL (33)
31 Malcolm GLADWELL (-)
32 Manfred KETS DE VRIES (43)
33 Rakesh KHURANA (-)
34 Lynda GRATTON (41)
35 Alan GREENSPAN (42)
36 Edgar H SCHEIN (17)
37 Ricardo SEMLER (36)
39 Paul KRUGMAN (40)
40 Jeff BEZOS (39)
41 Andy GROVE (26)
42 Daniel GOLEMAN (29)
43 Leif EDVINSSON (-)
44 Jim CHAMPY (25)
45 Rob GOFFEE and Gareth JONES (-)
46 Naomi KLEIN (30)
47 Geert HOFSTEDE (47)
48 Larry BOSSIDY (-)
49 Costas MARKIDES (-)
50 Geoffrey MOORE (38)



4 Responses to “The Future of Management-world’s most influential business thinkers alive”

  1. liarac Says:

    I’m personally surprised so few women appear on this list of prominent business thinkers. I think the overall list results are misleading because individuals can be high-profile (well-known) in their own country yet, be unknown internationally and as the result, left out. A lack of international renown doesn’t undermine individual contributions completely. This kind of article also fails to indicate the specific companies, schools, and countries involved in the initial survey which themselves could orient a certain slant in results. For example, if the companies of the individuals listed were part of the suvey, that could help explain why the company leaders made the ranking. Focusing on some countries and excluding others would also paint an incomplete picture of the actual situation. Its a thought-provoking article though and I’m motivated to look up some of the names and credentials of people I had personally never heard of before.

  2. Devangi Says:

    Very comprehensive list that includes all eminent personalities ‘ name and I am looking forward to reading on each one of them.It’s like “Giving the key to open the doors of knowledge “.It shows me direction .I would look forward to such a key in the future also.

  3. Job Xavier Says:

    The list follows the pattern set over the last few years as can be made out from their previous rankings.What is worrying is that most names are from the western world; is mankind to be satisfied with the wealth of knowledge from such limited sources?
    If one were to summarise the thoughts of these great leaders, most of them would center around managerial competencies, competetive edge and the like, mostly of the material type. What happens to the spiritual aspect or are these only to be confined to the temples and churches?

    No civilisation is complete without an understanding of its history and geographical differences as reflected by the social environment. I wonder if these eminent 50 will be able to convey the real spirit of early 21st century, to some one looking for an Aristotle among them, say a thousand years hence.

  4. Nilesh Says:

    Realy great Info Thanks a lot.

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