SWOT MATRIX of INDIA: Analysis of Indian Social- Economic- Political- Technological conditions.

Dear Friends,  

There are few questions about our complex & unique system of India. How we can change our system thinking? How we can make a synergetic triangle: Industry-GOI- Institution for co creation of knowledgeable resources for evolution of innovations. 

Root Causes – Why Plans are not execute at the bottom? Constrains – Where are missing link?

Strategy & tactics – What is the action plans? Methods-how these actions plans execute for achieving the end Goal.

Kindly download one page colored framework of SWOT MATRIX of INDIA. URL: syenrgetic-trinangle-industry-government-instituion.docsyenrgetic-trinangle-industry-government-instituion.doc  


                  Industry-GOVERNMENT -institution


  • Highly educated , skilled ,young, capable & dynamic  human resources
  • English speaking & analytical students
  • World class business-social-spiritual –political leader, Professor, scientist, Manager-Doctor-Engineer-Civil servants etc
  • Very rich in  Natural & Living resources
  • Biodiversity & Traditional knowledge base
  • Diversity vs. Ideas-Innovation-Integration
  • Powerful spiritual strength (yoga-Ayurvada-Healing-therapy services)
  • Geographical location (whole markets are shifting toward Asian nations)
  • India Strategic position at various platforms
  • Big democracy, Big market & free media
  • Range of emerging professional champions
  • IT & Software superpower


  • Lack of trained & skill work force  
  • Small supply of specialize professional
  • Lack of spirits of entrepreneurship, patriotisms and leadership skill
  • Lack of effective & execution framework
  • Lack of Indian management models
  • Lack of transparency-Trust-Responsibility
  • Lack of learning habits & Team work spirit
  • Fear of sharing knowledge & taking risk
  • Thinking win-lose   lose-win   look-outside
  • Slow absorption of Innovation & change
  • Lack of Indian management models
  • Absence of greater technology impetus
  • Unawareness: Quality-Standardization
  • Lack of Emotional-Spiritual development
  • Rush of getting high marks not Development
  • Blindly respect anything taught by elders

THREATS (Internal & external): 

  • A feeling of unstable government
  • Self centered political leadership
  • Slow & Dysfunctional judiciary and corrupt law enforcers
  • Regulation, protection and restriction
  • Mechanistic -stable-Layered-complex system
  • Corruption, Ignorance & Complacency
  • High competitive & marketing forces
  • To patent Indian intellectual property by outsider (unawareness about own research)
  • Fast change Internet-information technology& new Inventions-Technology-Innovations
  • Diversity vs. Imbalance- clashes
  • Regional-Religion-caste-culture conflicts
  • Migration of all branch to software job
  • Job seeking mind sets, not job creator
  • Unnecessary social pressure on students
  • Excessive rich & powerful mindsets


  • Big potential market in education Sector & emerging new market Segment in services (create it)   
  • General Agreement of trade on Services
  • Research & Development capability
  • Generate intellectual property
  • Resource Building capacity
  • Competition- cost – Quality service

  • Collaboration : win-win thinking
  • Hybrid solution–balancing & blending
  • Tourism, health sector, food processing
  • Rural economy development & social transformation ( PURA model )
  • Need  modernization of infrastructure , Library and laboratory
  • Internet institute network & e-Library
  • Councilors and student advisors

India has lots of weakness but this is a space of thinking (new Ideas or new perceptions), understand it as a space of opportunities and transform into strength.  

Note: Please send your suggestions, experiences & questions for improvement of this SWOT MATRIX of India. 

Ajay Singh Niranjan ( ajay_uor@yahoo.com)


35 Responses to “SWOT MATRIX of INDIA: Analysis of Indian Social- Economic- Political- Technological conditions.”

  1. Hiren Says:

    The analysis is very comprehensive but what you had said earlier about root causes- there is no monitoring mechanism on what exactly is happening. Do you know what your local representative does. Even Rajiv Gandhi as India’s strongest PM said that only 15 percent of the funds actually reached the poor. That can prove to be fatal in the future.

    As for strategy, unless there are commensurate develpments in infrastructure and labor reforms, all this could prove counterproductive.

  2. Devangi Says:

    The very much required thing to do and know

  3. Kalpesh Oza Says:

    No Comments,
    I can’t change people
    God Bless India

  4. Tulsidas Says:

    i think India is on its way forward towards better future. as we all know the population and corruption is lagging the progress. also need to change the BASTI image.
    all the best for India,

  5. Ashok Dholu Says:


  6. Hitesh Mahant Says:

    there is no need to change the world-people.
    Its sufficient if you change yourself.

    wake-up(!) and ask yourself:
    WHAT ARE YOU TODAY? Are you sure, thats what you wanted to be?
    WHAT WAS YOUR DREAM? (Not kid’s, but a collagean’s!)

    Its NEVE late!, whatever your age may be. Are you ready to CHANGE?
    There will be resistance from within and outside world; but continue your efforts. Very soon, they will appreciate.

    If you change yourself, the people around you changes automatically.
    And that is sufficient. Its your input to world. If you can change yourself, it will give you ultimate Happiness.

    I am not a professioan motivator, but these are outcome of my exepriences. I have done SWOT for myself, and slowly list of my W&T is becoming smaller!

    May God Give a Great Cause & Enlighenment to EVERYBODY.

    Thank you.

  7. Five focus areas of the knowledge paradigm: NKC « Great Human Capital Says:

    […] SWOT MATRIX of INDIA: Analysis of Indian Social- Economic- Political- Technological conditions. […]

  8. Raju Ramachandra Says:

    one of those interesting initiations on regional development particularly in the context of possible service innovations to offshoot into the global market place …

  9. swambaditya Says:

    indian growth & economic reforms started much later compared to other countries. the major threat in india has been volatile economic & political scenario. now in this case we also have to consider corruption as a major threat. as far as i can recall india is a country with very high rural urban gap & highly unequal income distribution. so the threats along with what you have already mentioned are stronger than the opportunities & strength. so these barriers can partially ofset the indian growth in the long run

  10. pravin baviskar Says:

    The very much reqerd think to do and know.best of luck.

  11. Higgeogma Says:

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  12. Sherap Therchin Says:

    it’s a very comprehensive and authentic SWOT analysis…and yea..been very helpful and benefecial on a very critical time..thanks…that’s my gratitude for your intellecutal property

  13. surender Nain Says:

    I am surender Nain .it’s very good factor in politice analysis.well do it …..

  14. suresh Says:

    This is ok But it is old and at present total scenariohas been changed now.
    kindly update it.

  15. Mrunal Says:

    you have mentioned about excessive rich & powerful mindsets? please elaborate.

  16. BQ Says:

    India’s biggest problem is living in the past, call it Pastism. India does not have an agile culture that adapts to change and takes risks. You can call it what you want but it is ingrained into every child in their fist 3 years. It is called Hinduism.
    India prides itself on a complex and convoluted history, whose greatest creation has been the caste system. Like all products and solutions, we need to call “END OF LIFE” on hinduism 1.0 and redefine a new culture, I am okay with calling it something new, but why can’t we invent a new cleaner way?

    Time to re-factor a culture focused on the future and not the past. Otherwise you will see crazy rationalization that misses root cause.

    Here are the measures:
    1. can you win olympic gold proportional to the population of the country?
    2. are you willing to fight Pakistan to the end or are you too chicken? Can you really stand up to China? They are slowly picking apart India from the outside and inside and all India can do is cry “unfair”. Hey they are being competitive where there are no rules. Winner takes all. Are you willing to fight to win?
    3. can you win at the physics, chemistry, math, software/IT olympiads? I mean top spot?
    4. Will the defense industry be a market leader globally? Will India have a space station, a space shuttle, a base on the moon?
    5. Are you willing to clean up India so it is a pleasant, err I mean a very clean place to visit. Can you sell people on visiting India besides showing them naked men covered in towels riding camels while avoiding cows on a main street.
    6. Will India be a net exporter of Energy – energy means power and I mean world power.
    7. Can i walk into any store in any country and see quality India products. Like Japan, Korea, China, Germany?

    Bottomline there is only one that that counts and that is an agile competitive culture that is focused on the future. Everything else is noise. No wonder Pakistan did not want to have anything to do with Hindu India.

  17. Siva Says:


  18. Merin Susan Philip Says:

    we must react towards the corrupted political system at least through words… today’s India is in the hands of self centered leaders.

  19. Shyam Says:

    true… not sure who said this, but it still rings true: Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it

  20. Dhirendra Says:

    I think we missed a huge population, it is the biggest problem.
    Think in this way today our huge population has become huge market so advantage. But this huge market needs employment. Now Advanced countries like Japan are making robots or you can say intelligent robots working like human. This will create huge unemployment. Our huge market will become a burden.

    Now think in this way let say humans will still be required and they would remain employed. So now we require :- land(home), food, roads, water, cloths,etc which will put burden on deforestation coz they have to cut trees for home, agriculture,etc. Already the 4 cities of India have huge burden on infrastructure. so more cities need to develop 20 years down the line India may have to face the climate problems.

    One of the biggest problem India is facing is terrorists: Indian as well as International. Most of the states are affected with Naxalities, Maoists, community terrorists.

    There are some good news that people are showing the sign of going against the government for making judiciary faster also some cases where public came together to bring justice.

    but still long way to go.

    Hopefully GOD bless INDIA and INDIANS.

  21. Yoga Says:


    SWOT MATRIX of INDIA: Analysis of Indian Social- Economic- Political- Technological conditions. « Great Human Capital…

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  24. Shahin Says:

    fantastic information,thanks buddy

  25. cerita ngentot Says:

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  26. S.Pramodh Says:


    Its a good information to the people of India.We should try to make weakness into our strengths.

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  30. saravanan ramamoorthy Says:

    For all the perils of this country, population and politics are the only two criminal causes to hinder the country’s progress or getting richer. For large populated countries like India, political democracy will prove disastrous for the social economics. Unless you control the population and discipline the majority of the people, common people cannot live peacefully. Now majority of the population is undisciplined because of our politicians.This is not the democracy craved for by the father of the nation. This country is for the politicians of the politicians by the politicians.We are enjoying too much freedom which even Gandhi – the original, never thought of. Nothing can stop the indian population getting richer and savvy, once population and politicians are drilled up and dressed down.

    • uma Says:

      Fully agree with the views. Why the people like manmohan singh rules this country without authority when they have the required competence ? when one cannot implement not only the good but also right for the population and the country, why they should allow others to become richer by such others’ evil designs in which singh has no role ? its better he steps down and allows people like Pranab da or Modi or Jayalalitha, but not like Chidambaram or Karunanidhi or Mayawathi ?

  31. Akhila Says:

    there are lots of grammatical errors………….
    plz correct them…………..

  32. קפה קפה תפריט Says:

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