Innovative Teaching: A Look into the Future

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  • Highlighting the need of Innovation
  • A New Vision of Education, Schools, and Teachers
  • Leading with Relationships, Rituals, and Research
  • Innovative Leadership, Teaching, and Learning
  • key Issues for Innovative Leadership: Collaboration and Assessment
  • Recommendations for Visionary Leadership
  • Key Issues for Innovative Teaching: Adapting to New Roles, Responsibilities, and Tools
  • Recommendation for Visionary Teaching
  • Key Issues for Learning: Knowing How to Learn

 Dear Friends, 

This is a very insightful Report on the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in context of learning. 

In 21 century, “LEARNING” is a key word for success of Individual as well as Organization. “Learning” is more relevant in Indian Context because most of the time copying from outside system provide only a short term solution for any coming problem.

Learning facilitates a better platform at which a range of Innovation can flourish in all types of sub systems.   So try to make System (at all levels) more flexible, open, and adaptable for speedily response to change and harnessing multiple opportunities due to globalization. 

Ajay Singh Niranjan  

 “We are born incompetent and dependent. But we are born with an incredible capacity to learn. Education is the process by which incompetence is translated into competence, dependence into autonomy. This process takes place through learning.” —Eduardo Chaves 


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