Story that Coach – Nobody comes back.

….Alexander had met a great sage, a wise man, Diogenes, on his way to invade

India. He asked Diogenes if he had any message for him. Diogenes said, only one: rather than wasting time, live it. You are not living yourself and you are not allowing other to live.  You are committing immense crimes against life – for what? Just to be called Alexander the great? Everybody think like that. Just inside, you call yourself Alexander the great; nobody is preventing you. If you want, you can even put a label on your chest: ‘Alexander the great’- but live!  

You will look like a buffoon, but that is far better than to be a buffoon; at least you will have time to live, love Alexander understood the message. He said, “I can see the point. When I come back, I will try to follow it.” 

Diogenes said, “Remember, no body come back form such an ego trip, because this ego trip never ends, it goes on and on. You will end before your ego trip ends. “and that’s what happened: Alexander never made it back home. On the way back, he died. And he was dying; he remembered the Diogenes’ statement that nobody comes back. “Ego drives you and there is no end for the ego. It creates more goals, new goals, higher goals.” In deep respect for Diogenes, Alexander told the people who are going to carry his body to the grave,” Let my hands hang out of the casket.” 

His chief minister said,” but it is not the tradition. The hands have to be inside the casket. Hanging them outside will look really odd”. But Alexander said, “I want them to hang out, because I want people to know that I had come empty-handed into the world, empty handed I lived in the world, and empty handed I am going form the world” ……………….


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