National Innovation Foundation …in Support of Grassroots Innovations

“……the time has come to unleash the creative potential of our scientists and innovators at grassroots level. Only then we can make
India truly self-reliant and a leader in sustainable technologies….propose a national foundation for helping innovators all over the country. This fund will build a national register of innovations, mobilize intellectual property protection, set up incubators for converting into viable business opportunities and help in dissemination across the country.”


To help
India become an inventive and creative society and a global leader in sustainable technologies without social and economic handicaps affecting evolution and diffusion of green grassroots innovations



To help
India become an inventive and creative society and a global leader in sustainable technologies.

To ensure evolution and diffusion of green grassroots innovations in a time bound and mission oriented manner.

To support scouting, spawning, sustaining and scaling up of grassroots green innovations and link innovations, enterprises and investments.

To strengthen R&D linkages between excellence in formal and informal knowledge systems and create a Knowledge Network.

To promote wider social awareness and possible commercial and non-commercial applications of innovations and incorporate the same in education curriculum, development programs and policies.

For more Kindly Link National Innovtion Foundation:  in support of grassroots. Innovation


2 Responses to “National Innovation Foundation …in Support of Grassroots Innovations”


    ngo net work sendall the details

  2. I.V.SUBBA RAO Says:


    GOOD MORNING, I am I.V. SUBBA RAO, from AP. Have developed advanced iron ore fines converted to DRI (sponge iron) technology which is not available in India as well as other countries also. It is name as IRON ORE PELLETZATION TECHNOLOGY.

    Through this technology small, medium and major sponge iron manufacturing industries (Karnataka, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh) can use this iron ore power easily. Because of this technology sponge iron and steel manufactures can get lot of profits.

    We are planning to Commercialized this technology, its cost is around 27 .0 Crores, but we are not financially sound enough. We have filed for patent rights in JULY 2008, so many domestic and other countries sponge iron manufacturers are waiting for this type of technology. So many small and medium sponge iron manufactures was after this technology, Lot of customers are interesting to utilize our technology, while before that they want to see the operation plant.

    Through This technology fines can utilized properly, because of this sponge iron production may increase up to 3.0 – 5.0LACKS of CRORES per ANUM,

    If anyone helps me financially loan or credit type funding support of 27.0 cores, I will set up Commercialized pallet plant as early as possible.

    Now a day’s iron ore fines utilization is burning problem for Indian (other countries) sponge iron manufacturers, and GOVT of India has already banned (IRON ORE) exports, day by day iron ore fines generation going up. Pebbles (lumps) not available as per requiring,this is unique technology;

    I need financial assistance from GOVT of Rs 27.0 cores, I will establish this technology.

    I am requesting you to kindly give me an appointment so that will meet you and explain with all technological details.

    I am eagerly waiting for your early appointment.

    Thanking you,

    I.V.SUBBA RAO 9490188826

    E.Mail ID:





    PIN:-533 437.

    AP., INDIA

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