Transforming INDIA-Into an Economic Power & Developed Nation

Transforming INDIA-Into an Economic Power & Developed Nation

Our suggestions are for the following Action Plans for Transformation:-

Priority 1
Relevant HRD, Education & Training

  1. 100% Primary Functional Literacy – Learn to read & write any Indian Language in 40 to 60 hours @ 1 hour per day for 5 days a week. Nearly 500 million people need to learn the 3 R’s. Which means reading, writing & arithmetic. As per the government of India, the average literacy rate is 63%, based on the indian definition, if you can write your name. If one uses the international definition, like minimum primary education as the criteria, the actual literacy rate could come down to 40%! We need to achive 100% functional literacy in the next 5 to 10 years!
  2. Primary & Secondary Education – The dropout rate of 90% to 94% in schools, from kindergarten to class 12th, must be reduced to less than 10%. This includes children who have never attended school.
  3. Enterprise Skills Development or ESD– We suggest that this should be started from class 5th right upto class 12th. ESD is ‘about enterprises and how the real world works’. Help’s decide future choice of profession for the youth. Build’s confidence in one self. Only two hours per week are required.
  4. Vocational Education & Training or VET-VET teaches the youth a skill or a competence or a trade. One learns to do some skilled job! In developed countries, 80% of the youth from age of 14 to 35 should go in for VET. This would mean about 50 million people per year.
  5. Excepting for I.T– which is 2.0% to 2.5% of world’s GDP, where there may be 50,000 private training centres operating in India; where are the training centres to run the balance 97% of the skills, trades, competances required to run the nation?
  6. Liberalize Education – Decontrol and privatize all forms of education like business was in 1991! Make India a Hub for Education.
  7. The I. T. business– Ever since inception, has been outside the control and regulation of the central and state governments. Market forces, fierce competition, and constant innovation has allowed Indian I. T. education to be world class.
  8. Private and NRI participation in Education – Government should concentrate up to high school only, from class 1 to class 10 only. The rest thay should leave to the private sector.
  9. Entrepreneurship Institutes in each Block– Entrepreneur promotional institutes, in all the blocks of the states. 97% of new employment is in the unorganized sector and SME’s. We need skill sets for the youth.
  10. India will only prosper when the Godess of Learning, ‘Saraswati’ is unshakled and unchained as was the Godess of wealth ‘Lakshmi’ in 1991.

Priority 2
Good Governance

    Benefits of leadership & good governance are highlighted in ten different articles. If one looks at the contents page, one will notice that nearly 70% of our articles are ‘People Dependant’, Nine on Governance and eight on Human Resource Development and three on Employment Generation! One can understand Good Governance, only if we understand the effects of bad governance. Many such examples have been given in our articles for this very reason

Priority 3
Central government policy changes

  1. Removal of SSI (small scale industry) reservation. Reservation does more harm than good.
  2. Amend ‘Labour and Employee Laws’ and give local enterprises and organizations a level playing field on par with other developing Nations of Asia.
  3. Encourage “labour intensive” technologies for employment generation.
  4. Recognize the meaning and importance of ‘SME’s (small medium enterprise) and not ‘SSI’s (small scale industry). We must understand the importance of the ‘M’ and the ‘E’ in SME’s as ‘SME’s account for 90% of the Indian Economy against 7% in SSI. This recognition should also be understood & supported by the Government of India, financial institutions as well as trade & business. World over SME’s are the main drivers of the world economy. Large organizations sub-contract most of their non-core business to highly productive and cost effective SME’s.

Priority 4
Export activities of the Economy, other than software

    Software and I.T. is 2.5% of the World’s GDP, we need to look at the balance 97.5% of the economic sector! The five areas of economic activity, mentioned below, are only some examples, there are many others.

  1. Trading, Wholesale & Retail, is 15 times bigger than I.T. (big employment and GDP generator)
  2. Manufacturing, as an enterprise, is 11 times bigger than I.T. (generates about 75% of government revenues)
  3. Health Care, as an enterprise is 4 times bigger than I.T. (big employment and GDP generator)
  4. Travel & Tourism, as an enterprise is 6 times bigger than I.T. (big employment and GDP generator)
  5. Education,as an enterprise is 4 times bigger than I.T. (big employment and GDP generator)

Priority 5
Funding Infrastructure (US$ 500 Billion)

Infrastructure needs funding at 5% to 7% per year, rate of interest. The tenure of borrowing needs to be extended to at least 10-15-20 years, since it takes nearly 5 years for ‘Building’ and another 5 years for ‘Gestation and Break-Even’. These bonds should be of low-interest but with incentives and tax breaks.

Priority 6
Awareness program for the above 5 priority areas

By the use of our 56 page book – Transforming INDIA. Relevant awareness with solutions and action plans is our prime objective. Our book is a step in that direction. It has 28 articles and notes on Governance, Human Resource Development, Enterprise & Economy & Employment Generation.


1. HRD, Education & Training

2. Policy Changes regarding, SSI, SME & relevant Labor Laws

3. Emphasis in exports, eg. Retail/Wholesale, Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Agriculture & Education

4. Funding Infrastructure

5. Governance & Leadership of India

For more detail & Information: ” Transforming India”
you may order the 56 page book – in any language.
You may see a sample of a few pages of the book here.
English  |  Gujarati  |  Hindi  |  Marathi  |   Punjabi  |  Tamil  |  Telugu  |  Kannada

Citizen’s Respond for i watch :
“I hope to use some of the wisdom gleaned from your paper in the formulation of my policies of corporate governance” – N.R.Narayana Murthy ,Chairman & Chief Mentor Infosys.

“I have not heard of any NGO like iWatch which has such a holistic plan for Transforming India” – Maj. Gen. D. N. Khurana, Director General ALL India Management Association.

“They have set out to create a framework for achieving a high and sustainable growth for india. This is indeed a very unique strategy designed to have a far-reaching impact”

– Dr. Rajiv Kumar Chief Economist Confederation Of Indian Industry


Kindly Contact me..

Ajay Singh Niranjan, BTech IITR



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  1. Prasreen k Says:

    After reading the extract i felt like comming out of a theater after a seeing interesting action movie, Let me appriciate the areas mentioned and shift suggested in the larger way, but my concern goes with the development formula with in the indian population where the GDP and education percentage mentioned in artical…….here no measure of welfare is assured and even sectors like health , education and welfare assurence is not as per the need and intelectual capacity rather to open up to the good buyers, rather it shoud be explored with quality to genrate income from forgine nationals and NRIs .In all cercumstances a proper check dam has to be framed where our culture, and values go along. it dos not mean any way to appriciate the present reservation or the challenges faced in all process of L P G. i would suggest my opinion not to argue LEFT or RIGHT but to find a dinamic balancing of the challenge.



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