Top 50 : Most influential living management thinkers

Ranking   Name
1  Michael PORTER (2)
2  Bill GATES (20)
4  Tom PETERS (3)
5  Jack WELCH (8)
6  Jim COLLINS (10)
7  Philip KOTLER (6)
8  Henry MINTZBERG (7)
10  Charles HANDY (5)
11  Richard BRANSON (34)
12  Scott ADAMS (27)
13  Thomas A. STEWART (37)
14  Gary HAMEL (4)
15  Chan KIM & Renée MAUBORGNE (31)
16  Kenichi OHMAE (19)
17  Patrick DIXON (46)
18  Stephen COVEY (16)
19  Rosabeth MOSS KANTER (9)
20  Edward DE BONO (35)
21  Clayton CHRISTENSEN (22)
22  Robert KAPLAN & David NORTON (15)
23  Peter SENGE (14)
24  Ram CHARAN (-)
25  Fons TROMPENAARS (50)
26  Russ ACKOFF (-)
27  Warren BENNIS (13)
28  Chris ARGYRIS (18)
29  Michael DELL (33)
30  Vijay GOVINDARAJAN (-)
31  Malcolm GLADWELL (-)
32  Manfred KETS DE VRIES (43)
33  Rakesh KHURANA (-)
34  Lynda GRATTON (41)
35  Alan GREENSPAN (42)
36  Edgar H SCHEIN (17)
37  Ricardo SEMLER (36)
38  DON PEPPERS (48)
39  Paul KRUGMAN (40)
40  Jeff BEZOS (39)
41  Andy GROVE (26)
42  Daniel GOLEMAN (29)
43  Leif EDVINSSON (-)
44  Jim CHAMPY (25)
45  Rob GOFFEE and Gareth JONES (-)
46  Naomi KLEIN (30)
47  Geert HOFSTEDE (47)
48  Larry BOSSIDY (-)
49  Costas MARKIDES (-)
50  Geoffrey MOORE (38)



7 Responses to “Top 50 : Most influential living management thinkers”

  1. Dr. Prakash Vakil Says:

    Delighted learning the names of top 50 influences of our present world.
    We are making a great progress.
    Did I said progress? Yes, progress.
    Fine I said it, but at what cost and risk? Our own life? Think about it?

    Few thinkers and movers of our mother Earth are producing far more unhappy, stressed-out, individuals, families, societies and countries too?
    There is growing hatred, jealousy, scarcity,

    We are facing crisis of all kinds, economic, social, political, cultural, moral, ethical, even safety is at loss.

    Children, women, poor, health, education, apart from air, water, soil, forests, peace are also getting detoriated.

    Please think about all the above.

    Rich People are getting Richer and Poor, Poorer.

    Cost of living, learning, loving and also leaving a legacy is skyrocketting.

    Are we requiring to re-define the meaning of Passion and re-evolve the true perspective of Desire?

    Let us involution and evolve our world as per the laws of Nature facilitated by Inspiration and ultimately experience Happiness, Health, Bliss, Joy, Harmony, Abundance…

  2. Rahadian Danu Hervino Says:

    I just want to get an acces to this website, i think the content is great to make an impact to our world, thank you.

  3. khaled Says:

    I want to join this great site

  4. the great management thinkers shape our lives and inspire people to reach their goals Says:

    vision and motivation is what drives us to strive for success, to reach our goals in life. Management thinkers inspire us to have strenght to go forward in life. thank you

  5. Feroze Balsara Says:

    This is an incredible site I have come across purely by chance. I thank you for enlightening us with the thoughts of Great Management Thinkers and Leaders..thank you..Feroze

  6. Conrad Says:

    Wish i cud get a chance of joining this great site.

  7. Sarfraz Says:

    Very strange: No Peter Drucker

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